Custom Flighting & Augers

APEC’s Flighting Advantage

Since 1992, APEC has delivered customized products to meet the needs of a wide range of applications, industries and needs. We don’t just provide off-the-rack answers, but rather custom solutions designed for complex problems. This capability extends beyond our equipment manufacturing to an array of custom fabrication services.

One of those fabrication services includes custom augers with sectional flighting. We manufacture speciality augers, screw conveyors, feeders and more for a variety of industries. With the ability to form and fabricate custom augers with varying flighting sizes, pitches and styles, we are able to solve complex problems in material handling, food manufacturing, mixing, weighing, batching and more.

Custom Flighting & Augers to Solve Complex Problems

Learn more about customizable options for your augers, screw conveyors, feeders and more.

Optimizing Performance with Top-Quality Customization

With 30 years of experience designing and building equipment for food processing, material handling, animal feed processing, weighing, batching and more, we’ve fabricated hundreds of custom solutions. Our engineering and fabrication teams combine skills, expertise and experience to manufacture custom augers, flighting, screw feeders and more for many applications and industries. With a custom-designed solution, we can help to prevent problems with flow, sticking, mixing, measurement and more.

Our process for manufacturing custom augers offers:

  • Sectional flighting from four inches to eighteen inches in diameter.
  • The ability to set the flighting to the pitch from undersized to full pitch.
  • Flighting available includes solid or tapered.
  • Mounted either right or left-handed.

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Multiple Customization Options

Getting the right auger, flighting, or screw feeder for your process can help to optimize the speed and efficiency of your facility. There are many ways to customize your auger or feeder. The manufacturing materials that the auger is made from can help to make your machine last longer and perform better. The overall size and weight of the auger can help to improve the speed and functionality of the machine, using less energy and putting less stress on the drive. The pitch flighting, use of paddles, ribbon flighting and other customizable options make it easy to work with difficult materials, overcome challenging environments, and address many other obstacles.

  • Pitch: the distance between the screw flights
  • Variable or progressive pitch: increasing spaces between flights helps to draw material out of the hopper.
  • Shaft: the size of the central shaft, or the absence of it
  • Construction: what the enclosure, shaft, flights, and other components are made of
  • Speed: how quickly the screw conveyor moves
  • Length: the total length of the conveyor
  • Ribbon and regular flights: a regular screw flight is solid, while a ribbon flight has spaces between the flights.
  • Paddles: adding paddles between flights makes mixing and stirring actions more gentle.

APEC manufacturers custom solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications, including animal feed, cereal and snacks, pharmaceuticals, snack foods, and more. Take a look at our Case Studies to learn more.

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