Specialty Ingredient Manufacturers

Since 1992, APEC has been providing processing systems to dispense, mix, and blend specialty ingredients. As a manufacturer of both equipment and control systems we can offer a single source solution to for your processing needs. Our experience in custom ingredient processing includes:

  • Coating heat sensitive enzymes onto animal feeds
  • Applying flavorings to snack foods
  • Coating snack foods with sugar and salt solutions
  • Gain in weight and loss in weight options for the dispensing of difficult ingredients
  • Formula and recipe management
Specialty Ingredient System Flow Chart

Our expertise allows you to approach potential customers with confidence, knowing that an APEC system offers a complete ingredient and equipment solution. APEC’s coat and dose equipment delivers uniformity, accuracy, and versatility for dry or liquid applications, assuring:

  • Improved PPLA when applying micro liquids, such as enzymes and mold inhibitors to the product
  • Delicate feed and difficult coatings are not a problem
  • Elimination of hot spots in feed
  • Less breakage and more consistent liquid application
  • Precise process monitoring and management for FDA compliance
  • Improved safety because the totally enclosed coating process eliminates vapor
  • Bar coded confirmation of ingredients to assure they have arrived at the correct location
  • Lot tracking of ingredients to identify the arrival and usage of ingredients
  • Quality and inventory control by monitoring expiration dates through first in first out usage
  • Detailed time and date stamped transaction reports of usage and process production

As an APEC Preferred Partner, we can offer advantages that will affect your potential customers’ bottom line through increased profits and quick ROI, such as:

  • Reduced operator and ingredient error through improved process accuracy
  • Seamless turnkey integration with our plug and play systems that include pre-wiring and pre-plumbing
  • Low cost maintenance program to keep the equipment operating at peak performance

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