Material Handling Equipment

Belt Conveyors—Capacity: 7-170 cu. meters per hour
Drag Conveyors—Capacity: 7-170 cu. meters per hour
Bucket Elevators—Capacity: 7-170 cu. meters per hour
Slide Gates—Sizes: .15-1 meter Manual, Electric and Pneumatic
Diverter Valves—Sizes: .25-.5 meter Plate/Basket Types
Bag Dump Stations—Ergonomically designed. Dust pull off, bag slitter and pneumatic bag lifter available.

Material handling systems

Slide Gates

Slide gates are available in sizes from .15-1 meter in both slide and rack and pinion design with pneumatic or electric actuation. Units come complete with limit switches for open and closed position sensing and solenoid electric actuators. Materials of construction are mild or stainless steel with a variety of finishes available.

Diverter Valves

Diverter valves are available in sizes from .25-.5 meter in both plate type and basket type designs with electric or electric over air actuation. Styles include both Y and offset diverters. Both two way valves and three way valves are available. With options for rinohyde abrasion resistant linings, explosion proof limits, stainless steel and special finishes.

Bag Dump Stations

Ergonomically designed to allow for the discharge of bagged material directly into the process, or for refilling of product bins. Bag dump stations come complete with removable bar grate, 76 mm dust pull off duct, hinged cover, 60 degree discharge transition, flanged discharge, and support legs. Options include stainless steel and food grade construction, integral dust collector, integral bag slitter and pneumatic bag lifter.

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