The APEC Advantage

At APEC, we manufacture equipment and control systems that meet all your processing needs. Our approach allows us to address your entire program and deliver solutions that will result in precise control of the proportioning of your recipe ingredients with reduced costs without compromising quality.

Our Story

Founded in 1992 by Kendall Wilcox, Terry Stemler and Garrett Billmire, APEC was originally made up of three major shareholders and five minor shareholders — all who were APEC employees. During the beginning, we had less than 30 employees. Over the years, we have grown to over 50 employees who believe in our mission of continuously providing innovative solutions that lead to real, outstanding results that changes businesses forever.

As we look toward the future of APEC, our team looks forward to continuing to serve a variety of industries reach new heights, one product at a time.

The APEC Commitment to Safety and Quality

APEC is committed to creating safe work environments and products for all. Our solutions have been developed to eliminate hazardous situations that lead to worker injuries and product errors — keeping workers and consumers safe while still receiving the highest quality of products they’re accustomed to. Together, we can ensure manufacturers create safe environments for all those involved.

APEC Fast Facts

  • 98% of our equipment and control systems are still in operation.
  • The first coating machines that we built have run nearly 6 million tons of material and many are still going strong.
  • We have over 1,000 machines and control systems in over 35 countries and every continent except Australia and Antarctica.

APEC’s Future

We are aware of recent rumors circulating about our company’s potential sale. We want to take this opportunity to address these rumors and put any concerns to rest. 

Our company is not for sale, nor have we had any plans about a potential sale. We remain committed to our mission of providing excellent products and services to our customers and building a sustainable business for the long term. 

As part of our growth and development strategy, we are bringing together employees of different generations to work alongside our current leadership team. We believe that this approach will enable us to leverage the strengths and talents of the various generations, and position us for continued success in the future. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

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