Batch Control System

Batch Control Advantage

Our batch control systems utilize off the shelf components for convenient service and repair.

  • Designed for reliable operation
  • Multi-tasking environment allows for simultaneously opened control screens
  • Easily interfaced to windows systems
  • Industrial computers for factory environments
  • Easily expanded to multiple stations
  • Remote access to applications from Windows systems via network

Real Time Graphical Display

  • See at a glance:
    1. Formula is running
    2. Current ingredient being weighed
    3. Target weight and actual weight
    4. Desired mix time (wet and dry)
    5. Expired mix time
    6. Status of liquid pumps and the hand adds
  • Devices shown on the screen change color as the status of each device changes
  • Displays all alarm conditions
  • Auto or “Point and Click” manual operation
  • Communicates with other plant equipment/processes
  • Device control eliminates custom program languages
  • Device library for each device in the process
  • Contains associated I/O points and parameters associated with equipment:
    • Analog values for amps and speed
    • Timing parameters for clean out, startup and shutdown
  • Equipment sequence and process timing can be easily adjusted in the field without custom programming
  • Easily support a variety of control algorithms such as loss in weight, PID loop control and rate control for ingredient hoppers and other transitional devices

Standard Features

  • PC Based
  • QNX4 operating system
  • Ethernet or fiber optic network
  • Allen-Bradley or Opto22 I/O
  • Ingredient and formula entry
  • Two available database choices standard Standard reports store 45 days of transactions
    1. SQL— Greater reporting capabilities store one year’s worth of transactions
    2. Report Generation Ingredient Usage Daily, weekly, monthly or custom
    3. Production totals—daily, weekly, monthly or custom alarms
    4. Production summary by batch or run
    5. Receipts
    6. Storage levels
  • Lot tracking

Optional Features

  • Barcode scanning for ingredient confirmation

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