Liquid Coating Equipment Solutions

As the pet food, animal feed, and snack food industries continue to change and evolve, APEC keeps up. We’ve created a coating system with increased sanitation capabilities that works well for pet food, animal feed, nuts, cereals, snack food, and more. Our liquid coating equipment provides a level of accuracy and efficiency you can’t find elsewhere.

Increased Sanitation for Liquid Coating Equipment

APEC offers stainless steel construction for our customers who require a higher level of sanitation in their processes. The Mistcoater model TMXSS is designed for pet food and human food processing applications and helps processors meet FSMA standards of sanitation.

  • Including food-grade components for added sanitation
  • Including a swing out coating chamber
  • Consisting of all stainless steel contact surfaces
  • Including food-grade gaskets
Liquid Coating

Design Benefits for APEC’s Liquid Coating Systems

The design of the Mistcoater is completely enclosed, which results in better process containment for you. You don’t have worry about the liquid spraying onto the surrounding environment, as you would with an open-ended drum. In addition, the enclosed design ensures housekeeping is a breeze.

Our liquid coating equipment uses spinning disks instead of spray nozzles. Since spray nozzles tend to clog, this cuts down on maintenance for you. The spinning disks decrease downtime, and allow you to use a wider variety of liquids.

Because we use disks instead of spray nozzles, the pumps and other components of the machine last longer as there is less back pressure associated with the disks. You can apply a wide variety of liquids and slurries, without the risk of clogs. And our design allows for a more uniform coverage of liquid on the dry materials.

Blue Coater

How Does APEC’s Liquid Coating Equipment Work?

In our liquid coating equipment, spinning disks apply liquids to dry solids in a continuous flow process. First, dry material is spun from a low RPM rotating disk and falls in a 360-degree curtain around the second disk. Spinning at a high RPM, liquid drops on the second disk and is atomized into a fine mist – which is then driven into the surrounding curtain of dry product. The percent of liquid applied depends on the dry material’s porosity and ability to absorb liquid.

Details of the Mistcoater Liquid Applicator

Our units are sized for capacities from 7-170 cu. meters per hour. The units come with:

  • Flanged inlet and outlet openings
  • Dry disk drive with timing belt/sprocket reduction
  • Coating chamber with scraper
  • Single access door
  • Stainless steel liquid disk(s) with v-belt drive and support legs.

The units include a variety of options, including:

  • Stainless steel and food grade construction
  • Variable speed control for the dry disk
  • Variable inlet spout over the dry disk with remote adjustment
  • Stacked disk arrangements for finer atomization and wider spray pattern

You can also integrate these units with our continuous blenders for further mixing action and product retention. We’ll work with you to understand the solutions that would best meet your needs.

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