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Resources – Recent Blog Posts

  • Solving Application Problems in Wet Pet Food Palatants

    Palatants give pet food the taste and aroma that cats and dogs naturally crave in their food. However, applying palatants presents a number of challenges to pet food processors. Pet food palatants can be dry or wet, and each has unique advantages and disadvantages. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at application problems…

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  • Optimizing Pet Food Production with Palatants

    The ultimate goal in pet food production is to give companion animals the nutrition they need to stay healthy and live long, happy lives. However, even the healthiest, highest-quality pet food won’t be effective if pets don’t want to eat it. This is where palatants come in. Pet food palatants give all types of pet…

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  • Common Recall Risks in Pet Food Processing: Part II

    In our previous post, we discussed a number of recall risks in pet food processing, including bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals. In this post, we’ll discuss additional recall risks affecting the pet food processing industry. This includes two of the most common and most dangerous recalls risks; mycotoxins, specifically aflatoxins, and trace mineral inaccuracies. Common…

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Case Studies

Resources – Recent Case Studies

  • Automotive Sealing Components

    Problem: An eastern Michigan manufacturer of automotive sealing components and reinforcements was interested in finding a more accurate method to manufacture their products. Their process was entirely manual. Batching, weighing, and measuring was all being done completely by hand which amounted to waste due to human error, poor housekeeping, and high labor costs. The company approached…

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  • Integrated Pork Operation

    Industry: Animal Feed Customer: Integrated Pork Operation The Challenge A large integrated hog operation, decided to manufacture their own feed. Because of the record keeping and required precision they wanted an easy automatic way to introduce micro ingredients into their process. They had plans to automate the rest of the feed manufacturing plant, but the micro ingredients…

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  • Specialty Ingredient Manufacturer

    The Issue A chemical manufacturer heard about APEC’s Mistcoater, which had been used for many years for applying fats and flavorings to animal feed and pet food, and approached APEC about the possibility of using the same machine for their enzyme product. The customer had developed an enzyme that when added to animal feed, reduced…

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