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Case Studies

Resources – Recent Case Studies

  • Cereal and Snacks

    Industry: Cereal and Snacks Customer: Major manufacturer of cereal Problem: The customer was working in conjunction with a major retailer to develop an exclusive product for that retailer. The product was tied to a movie promotion so the ability to make the new product in a timely fashion was critical. Ordinary coating technology did not give the desired…

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  • Snack Food

    Industry: Snack food Customer: Major manufacturer of flavored nuts Problem: The customer’s success in the area of flavored nuts caused a need to expand the operation. The system that was being used to coat the nuts with flavoring was messy and resulted in the loss of ingredients and the contamination of the roasting process. The customer heard about…

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  • Vitamin and Mineral Premixes

    Problem: A company in Mexico that manufactures vitamin and mineral premixes formed a partnership with a major pharmaceutical company. The success of the joint venture quickly increased the demand for their products and also increased the number of products that were being offered. The new partnership soon expressed a desire to have improved record keeping and…

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Blog Posts

Resources – Recent Blog Posts

  • Using Automation to Improve Bulk Material Handling Efficiency

    From the first assembly line to the complex robotics in use today, automated equipment is designed to make processes more efficient. Efficiency may mean optimizing equipment uptime, reducing unexpected downtime, or simply making a process faster. Automation in bulk material handling can be used at many different stages of production and with many different materials.…

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  • Using Automation in Bulk Material Handling Systems to Overcome Labor Shortages

    Recently, labor shortages have raised issues for businesses in almost every industry. As employers struggle to build production back up and reopen after closing during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, finding or re-hiring qualified workers has proven to be difficult. Though recent events have worsened the labor gap, the labor shortage is not new…

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  • How Can Robot Welding Help Your Fabrication Shop?

    Robot welding has been an important part of manufacturing for decades, and has continued to improve as technology has advanced. This technology has been used by high-volume production lines since the 1960’s, and has become more accessible to specialized fabrication shops in recent years. Robot welding can help fabrication shops in many ways, and provides…

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