Bulk Bag Discharger (aka Super Sack Unloader)

The Benefits of a Bulk Bag Discharger

At Automated Process Equipment Corporation (APEC), we know that there are a variety of available options for bagging and bulk solids, and those options have changed a lot throughout the years. Whether you’re using an unloading bag hopper, or you require a fully integrated frame, there are a multitude of options to choose from at APEC.

APEC can help you narrow down which type of system is best for your business and its individual needs, and then help you decisively build that system for effectiveness, efficiency, and maximum profitability.

In the past, many bulk bag-unloading systems have been flawed, wasteful, and even dangerous. With the integration of APEC’s bulk bag discharger (also known as a super sack unloader), it is possible to eliminate many possibly dangerous situations for industry workers, such as disconnections, dead spots, or the need for an operator to manually clear blockages. With our innovative designs, and a wide variety of options, it is possible to advance convenience and cleanliness, as well as safety.

Bulk Bag Discharger Details

Standard Features of Our Bulk Bag Discharger

Our innovative and versatile Bulk Bag Discharger is designed to accommodate just about any standard bag size, beginning with standard width capacities of 300kg’s and much higher.

It integrates seamlessly with the APEC Micro Scale or can also be used as a “stand alone” unit. It boasts controlled flow, dust control options, and reliable discharge.

APEC prides itself on developing products and equipment that work well with your current system, as well as with APEC’s other equipment models. We want quality and convenience to be our top priority, and the reason why our customers keep coming back.

Our standard features are listed below:

  • Bag lift rack for forklift loading
  • Adjustable top frame
  • Pneumatic bag agitators
  • Stainless steel cylindrical bag spout enclosure with iris valve provides an enclosed area for untying the bag
  • 3” diameter connection point for customer supplied dust collection hook-up

Optional Super Sack Unloader Features

Our bulk bag dischargers don’t just offer the simpler things, but also some of the more innovative accessories that help deliver an extraordinary level of smooth integration and efficiency.

  • Discharge surge hopper
  • Horizontal or inclined discharge feeders
  • Electric chain hoist for bag loading/unloading

The animal feedpet food, and snack food industries are always changing, and where bulk bags altered the ways that bulk materials are stored and shipped, bulk bag dischargers have revolutionized the utilization of bulk bags and production across the board.

No matter the size of your operation, or whatever your specific system requirements may be, we can create a custom-designed bulk bag discharging solution that will work for you.

The increased use of super sacks in feed and pet food processing has saved operators hours in time, reduce costs, and helped to dramatically improve efficiency. A one-ton bulk bag (AKA super sack, flexible intermediate bulk container or FIBC) can take the place of forty fifty-pound bags.

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