ProFlo Meter

ProFlo Advantage

The APEC ProFlo Meter offers accurate and reliable continuous mass flow measurement of bulk solids. It measures the mass of flow-able solids with densities of 10 to 100 lbs. per cubic foot and flow rates from 700 to 7000 cubic feet per hour. Field trials show and users confirm an accuracy of +/- 0.5% full scale. If it will flow, the ProFlo will accurately measure it.

To reduce wear on the shield and rails, a pre-feed device should be used for introducing dry products. Pre-feed devices that can be used include belt, rotary or vibratory feeders, variable gates or drag and screw conveyors. The plate to sensor connection is designed so that should product back up in the unit, the sensor will not be damaged. The electronics and HMI are housed in a separate enclosure with the ability to control up to sixteen units.

APEC offers a number of connectivity options for remote monitoring to alert you immediately to any issues by our staff or your plant personnel.

Standard Features

  • Overall height of the unit including the enclosure is 18 inches
  • Mild or stainless steel construction
  • Analog, serial and Ethernet interfaces
  • Product contact surfaces are 304 Stainless Steel
  • Enclosures available in mild steel or wash-down duty stainless steel

Optional Features

  • Air purge for extremely dusty environments
  • Intrinsically safe electronics
  • Integrated pre-feed devices

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