APEC Shoulders Corporate Responsibility with Education and Community Involvement

The APEC team is committed to supporting people, communities and the environment. We take corporate responsibility seriously by working toward these goals through contributing to animal science education for the next generation of the processing industry, giving back to local communities through donations and by creating safe and secure workplaces while reducing our carbon footprint.

We believe that building a sustainable future means taking responsibility for our environmental impact and helping move industries forward with equipment and control systems that meet your automated processing equipment needs.

Educating for Excellence

Education is one of the ways we fulfill our corporate responsibility. At APEC, we are committed to educating and training the next generation of leaders in the processing industry. We want to help equip them with the skills to adhere to best practices in the use of automated processing equipment. We also want to support the adoption of values related to safety, sustainability and quality. Below are some of the educational institutions we’ve supported:

Auburn University

We were proud to support the Charles Miller Jr. Poultry Center by donating a 5TMX Mist Coater in 2012. Processing equipment, like the Mist Coater, helps advance Auburn University’s mission to provide hands-on training for feed manufacturing.

Cal-Poly State University

Cal-Poly State University’s Animal Nutrition Center has been the recipient of several APEC machines over the years. In 2006, they received the 5TMX Mist Coater, Enzyme Dosing System and 12 Bin Micro Ingredient System to advance the technology of feed industry research.

Kansas State University

In 2012, APEC donated a 5TMX Mist Coater to the Department of Feed Science and Management at Kansas State University. They pride themselves in creating hands-on learning experiences with automated equipment that equips the next generation of feed industry leaders.

North Dakota State University

North Dakata State University received a 10 Bin Micro Ingredient System from APEC in 2014. The equipment is one of several machines that helps the NCI Feed Mill to provide practical feed mill experience for undergraduate students.

University of Illinois

University of Illinois received a 5TMX Mist Coater from APEC in 2020. The equipment is one of several machines that support the Feed Technology Center at the University of Illinois, where they further animal nutrition education, animal sciences education and feed ingredient utilization.

Giving Back to Our Community

We fully believe in giving back to our community whenever we can. APEC donates to the following local charities on an annual basis:

  • Manna’s Market food pantry
  • Lakewood Athletic Association
  • Ionia County 4H
  • Lakewood Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Lakewood Educational Foundation
  • Sunfield Area SPYS
  • Lake Odessa Fair

Creating a Better Future

As a manufacturing company, we have made it our mission to create a brighter future for all. A large part of doing so is by reducing our carbon footprint.

To do so, APEC:

  • Replaced all interior lighting with motion-detecting, high-efficiency LED lighting.
  • Updated all the HVAC systems with high-efficiency systems.
  • Uses dust-collection systems to prevent the release of manufacturing-related particles into the environment.
  • Developed a five-year plan to install solar panels on the roof for solar power.
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