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BATCHBOX – Integrated Batch Control System

Here at APEC, our dynamic BatchBox batch control system is an industry-specific computer based batch control system. It features an open architecture structure for ease of integration with most brands of scale instruments in processing.

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Weighting and Batching Control System

The BatchBox Advantage

With the BatchBox you can eliminate the need for custom programming, which makes the overall process simpler and more manageable. The convenient functionality and structure of the BatchBox makes it an intelligent investment into the future of your business.

The BATCHBOX is capable of integrating any and all of the following practices:

  • Mixer control
  • Metered liquids into the mixer
  • High/low speed control for ingredient feeders
  • Hundreds of formulas
  • Inventory management
  • On screen graphics that illustrate the process
  • Ethernet communications directly to management computers
  • Hand-add verification

Our unique BatchBox process was designed to be intuitive and easily navigated by industry professionals. We created it in an effort to prepare current programs for easier adjustments in the future.

Where other systems are built to work only within restrictive boundaries, causing any future changes to be both expensive and difficult, the BatchBox is unlike its predecessors.

Changing from your current system won’t be difficult with help from our implementation team. We are dedicated to make it easier to adjust both now, and in the future.

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The BatchBox Batch Control System Process

To begin an operation once you have entered the program, the BatchBox will ask the operator a series of standard questions. It will ask for the number of metered liquids, ingredients, and mixers.

Once these questions are answered, the BatchBox will automatically set up the graphic screen and I/O with the correct configuration.

If the system changes in the future, then the operator simply repeats the interview process and the HMI is automatically configured again; a simple process that can be repeated as necessary, and as many times as required.

The BatchBox was developed to adapt to the future in a way that most other systems simply aren’t.

BatchBox Product Details

Standard Features

  • Enclosure NEMA4/12 4x priced separately
  • Wall mount
  • Power consumption 10A@120vac
  • Power requirements 15A@120vac
  • WAGO 750 series I/O
  • Ethernet IP
  • Processor Pentium Industrial
  • LAN 2 X 10/100T RJ-45
  • Storage flash drive
  • Temperature range 14-140 F
  • Operator interface touch screen or keyboard and mouse
  • Scale Interface Serial for most brands
  • Number of scales 1
  • Number of metered LIQ 4+
  • Number of ingredients 24+
  • Number of formulas unlimited
  • Control modes automatic and manual on screen
  • Diagnostics on screen
  • Reports include ingredients, formulas, inventory, production, and alarms with time and date stamp

BatchBox Optional Features

  • Barcode scanning for ingredient confirmation
BatchBox Spec Sheet

Upgrade to the BatchBox for your Batch Control System

Learn more about the BatchBox Integrated Batch Controller and how it measures up to other batch control systems. Find out how it might help you improve your business, request a quote, or simply request more information.

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