CentriFlow™ Dry Solids Meter

CentriFlow™ Advantage

The CentriFlow™ Meter is the first true mass flow measurement instrument for flowable solids with bulk densities from 1lb to 100lbs/cubic feet. Unlike existing technology that calculates based on weight, speed, belt tension or volume, the CentriFlow™ Meter actually measures flowable solids in process. This unique measurement ability allows the CentriFlow™ Meter to have ±0.25% accuracy full scale on virtually all flowable solids, significantly improving the industry standard.


The CentriFlow™ Meter is not affected by changes in product elasticity, density, shape or friction. Fluctuations in flow rate don’t impact its accuracy. The linearity of the zero friction formula gives the CentriFlow™ Meter its ability to measure at various densities and turndown ratios while maintaining near perfect accuracy.

Sturdy high grade construction with stainless steel flow paths makes the CentriFlow™ Meter a very low maintenance instrument. It rarely requires re-calibration because there are no moving parts. There are no belts or drives. Plus, the electronics are located outside the process stream and are not subject to vibration from the manufacturing process.

Standard Features

  • Product flow rates can range from 0.7 to 70 cu ft/minute with a turndown ratio of 20:1
  • Type 1 configuration is designed to attach to the end of an existing conveyor belt system
  • Type 2 configuration is designed for an in-line application
  • Compact and extremely efficient in its space requirements
  • No floor mounting required
  • Easy maintenance

Optional Features

  • Vibra-Weigh metering pan for fine floury materials
  • Electronics cabinet air purge for extremely dusty conditions
  • Digital ratemeter display digital display for the CentriFlow™ control panel

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