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Our One-Source Approach

Whether liquid coating, batching equipment, pet food manufacturing, or food processing equipment, APEC is your one source for solutions.

Our one-source approach offers a large product line with in-house engineers, unlimited customization, and continuous innovation.

We set ourselves apart with:

icon check Personal service to fully understand your needs in order to offer insightful options
icon check Extended warranty, equipment and service discounts, and expedited delivery when applicable
icon check 24-hour support line to assist in keeping you operating efficiently
icon check Long-lasting equipment: 98% of our equipment and control systems are still in operation
icon check Over 1,000 machines and control systems in over 35 countries around the world
icon check Proven customer satisfaction through countless repeat purchases


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As the pet food, animal feed, and snack food industries continue to change and evolve, APEC keeps up. We’ve created a coating system with increased sanitation capabilities that works well for pet food, animal feed, nuts, cereals, snack food, and more. Our liquid coating equipment provides a level of accuracy and efficiency you can’t find elsewhere.

Our Design Benefits:

  • Our design is completely enclosed which results in better containment for you
  • Spinning disks instead of spray nozzles to cut down on clogs and costly downtime maintenance.
  • Apply a wide variety of liquids and slurries without the risks of clogs.

When you choose APEC to provide your liquid handling equipment, you’re getting the assurance that you’ll be able to get the job done – efficiently and reliably. Our reputation speaks for itself with over 1,000 machines in more than 35 countries around the world. 98% of our equipment is still in operation, and many customers purchase several machines for different locations. We’ll help you meet your manufacturing needs through reliable liquid handling equipment.

Our Liquid Handling Systems Can Include:

  • Both high-flow metering pumps and low-flow metering pumps with food grade optional finishes and dc or ac variable speed controls.
  • Mass flow meters complete with flow sensors, transmitter with puls and 4 to 20 ma out proportional to flow
  • Nutating disk volumetric meters in cast iron construction tolerating liquids with suspended solids.
  • Proportioning valves instead of variable speed control on the pump to regulate the flow of liquid including an electro-pneumatic positioner and a 4-20 ma signal for position setting and sensing.

Continuous flow measurement is accomplished with a patented curved plate sensing element designed to cancel frictional forces so that the resulting reading is unaffected by product elasticity, density, shape, or friction. Flow ranges are from 1-100 cu. meters per hour with a turn down ratio of 20:1. The accuracy of the meter is +- .25% full scale on virtually all free flowing solids with a wide range of densities.

Our Continuous Flow Process Equipment Includes:

Here at APEC, we can offer weighing and batching systems to fit your specific needs. Because we don’t specialize in a single piece of equipment and design our equipment for each customer we can offer a complete system with a single point of responsibility.

Our Weighing and Batching System Solutions Include:

  • Bulk Bag Unloader – designed to easily accommodate standard bag width bags with capacities of 300kg’s and higher
  • Micro Ingredient Scales – designed to achieve accurate weighing of your ingredients time after time. Our offerings include both gain in weight and loss in weight systems, in order to assist in accuracy and also to control ingredient batch weighing.
  • Horizontal Ribbon Batch Mixer – innovative and quality-minded design provides heavy-duty construction in a mild or stainless steel assembly, ensuring strength and durability. We take great pride in our ribbon mixer’s dependable delivery of a complete and gentle blending of ingredients.

From belt conveyors to bucket elevators, we have the right solution for every material handling need. Because we don’t specialize in a single piece of equipment and design, our equipment for each customer we can offer a complete system with a single point of responsibility.

Our Material Handling Solutions Include:

  • Slide Gates – available in sizes from .15-1 meter in both slide and rack and pinion design with pneumatic or electric actuation. Units come complete with limit switches for open and closed position sensing and solenoid electric actuators. Materials of construction are mild or stainless steel with a variety of finishes available.
  • Diverter Valves – available in sizes from .25-.5 meter in both plate type and basket type designs with electric or electric over air actuation. Styles include both Y and offset diverters. Both two way valves and three way valves are available. With options for rinohyde abrasion resistant linings, explosion proof limits, stainless steel and special finishes.
  • Bag Dump Stations – ergonomically designed to allow for the discharge of bagged material directly into the process, or for refilling of product bins. Bag dump stations come complete with removable bar grate, 76 mm dust pull off duct, hinged cover, 60 degree discharge transition, flanged discharge, and support legs. Options include stainless steel and food grade construction, integral dust collector, integral bag slitter and pneumatic bag lifter.

The world of ingredient automation is always evolving. You don’t want to waste your budget on equipment that will be outdated as soon as you make a change in your process. You need equipment that can evolve with you.

At APEC, we understand your needs. We’ve been listening to your frustrations and we’ve developed a new control system that not only makes ingredient automation easier right now – but easy to modify in the future.

Our Process Automation Solutions Include:

  • The BatchBox – An industrial, computer-based system is designed with open architecture for easy integration with most brands of scale instruments. We understand the frustration at being held hostage for parts or obsolete PC boards. That’s why we use off-the-shelf industrial PCL components – so you don’t have to worry about finding spare parts.
  • Worry Free Ingredient Automation System – Our automation systems allow for the control system to automatically make sure the proper amount of ingredients are measured into each scale. Our systems also ensure the material is transferred to the mixing operation properly. You don’t have to worry about mix time or the transfer of ingredients. It’s all taken care of for you.
  • Safety and Inventory Control – There’s no guesswork when it comes to your inventory when you use APEC ingredient automation systems. The BatchBox comes with complete inventory control so you always know the ingredients you have on hand – and you can keep track of the products you’ve already produced.
  • Easy Operating System – There’s nothing more frustrating than a complicated operating system, where changes require too much effort. The BatchBox is easy to use, and requires no programming. After asking the operator a series of questions about the number of scales, metered liquids, ingredients, and mixers, the BatchBox sets up the graphic screen and I/O with the correct configuration.
  • Easy Integration with Other Equipment – One of the key elements of effective ingredient automation is a batch control system that can easily integrate with different equipment. Combine our ingredient automation systems with our Mistcoater liquid applicator, mass flow, and volumetric metering systems for consistent and accurate blending in a continuous-flow process.