Powder Coating

Powder Coating Services for All Types of Projects

APEC provides versatile powder coating services to finish and protect your products. From large and complex, custom fabricated projects to large-volume orders of small products, we have the expertise and equipment to work with all types of projects. Powder coating will give your products a smooth, attractive appearance in any color or shade you choose, and will also help to protect your products from rust and abrasion.

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Our Powder Coating Equipment

With two different powder coating ovens of varying sizes, we can cost-effectively powder coat your products, including items up to 14 feet wide and 38 feet long. Our large powder coating oven is ideal for large products or those with uncommon dimensions. Our smaller powder coating oven is ideal for smaller items with more intricate shapes. Whether you are seeking a sleek and polished finish, a particular color to match your project, protection against rust, or all of the above, powder coating can help to complete your product or component. We work with all types of products and finishes, from industrial coatings in safety yellow to vehicle rims in metallic gold, and everything in between.

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Protect Your Products with Powder Coating

Powder coating is a fast, reliable, cost-effective way to protect your products and components from corrosion and wear, while also giving them a smooth, polished, uniform appearance. The process of powder coating is different from other types of liquid finishes and paint. Powder adheres to the object or objects, and then melts in an oven. This creates a uniform coating across the entire object, including any nooks, crannies or crevices. This coating helps to protect the object from scratches, abrasion and wear, as well as oxidation and corrosion. Some powder coatings can offer unique advantages to particular protects, such as advanced rust resistance, increased durability, food-safe coatings, and more. Powder coating is also highly versatile, with the ability to create almost any texture, color or finish you need, so your products or components look exactly the way you and your customers or clients expect.

Benefits of powder coating include:

  • Paint any color or shade
  • Use any metallic finish
  • Create matte, luster, gloss or any type of exterior
  • Protect against rust and corrosion
  • Produces very little waste
  • Works quickly, with no drying time
  • Creates uniform layers
  • Reduces the appearance of scratches and wear

Powder Coating for Commercial Construction

A large commercial construction company approached APEC with a problem. They needed an efficient, fast, long-lasting process to paint stacks and stacks of fabricated handrails safety-yellow for their industrial clients. Hiring laborers to paint the handrails using liquid paint is costly and wet paint doesn’t hold up well in an industrial environment. They were referred to West Michigan Powder Coating, a division of APEC in Lake Odessa, MI to consider powder coating the railings instead of wet painting them.

WMPC was able to save the construction company time and money by not only providing a consistent and durable finish in the approved safety-yellow needed, but they were able to do it faster than manual painting, which also helped them keep to their deadlines. WMPC continues a relationship with this firm, powder coating railings for them as needed for their new-build projects.

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