APEC Vehicle Disinfecting Equipment: An Answer to Michigan’s Extraordinary Animal Health Emergency

Designed for the poultry, dairy, hog, and beef industries 

In six Michigan counties, millions of avian flu cases among poultry and cattle have resulted in an HPAI (highly pathogenic avian influenza) Risk Reduction Response Order, which will take effect May 8. For companies and farmers processing poultry and cattle feed, extra precautions will be required to disinfect vehicles and train employees at access points. 

APEC Vehicle Disinfecting Equipment features stainless steel truck ramps with drive-through disinfecting pans that contain a sanitizing solution of the farmer’s choice to decontaminate wheel surfaces prior to a vehicle entering a bio-secure facility. The disinfecting pans apply a disinfecting agent coating the front, sides, rear, and bottom of cars, trucks, semis, and trailers entering the property. 

Depending on the needs of your industry, we can design a custom system to meet your disinfectant needs. 


  • Basins should be placed on grade for drive on/off application. Ramps required. 
  • Disinfectant solution will need to be added to the pans to keep them at the necessary fill level for adequate wheel coverage. 
  • Basins will require scheduled maintenance/clean-out. 


  1. Driver approaches sanitation pans.
  2. Driver drives up onto truck ramps and down into the disinfecting pans.
  3. Driver moves slowly through the pans and exits on the truck ramps at the exit of the pans.

Vehicle Disinfecting Equipment Spec Sheet

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