Bringing Automated Processing to the Baking Industry

This image shows a muffin, representing the end result of APEC’s automated processing equipment: quality baked goods.

In the baking industry, every ounce counts. When small to medium-sized industrial bakeries are competing for slim profit margins among the giants, it’s nearly an impossible battle, unless automation is involved. In this blog, we’ll discover ways that automated processing can help smaller companies compete in the dry mix baking industry.

Benefits of Automated Processing Equipment

Saves Time

Simply stated, automated processing equipment is faster and more efficient than any human. Save the brain power for where it’s really needed. When you need brute strength, turn to APEC for automated processing equipment that never tires, never stops and can be customized for the niche needs of the baking industry.

Saves Waste

Automated bakery equipment brings a renewed emphasis on precision and accuracy for the baking industry. This helps save wasted ingredients related to incorrect measurements or mistakes in a recipe.

Increases Production

When time efficiency increases and waste decreases, it only means one thing: your production is going up. With automated processing equipment for your industrial bakery needs, you can consistently increase your production capacity all year long.

Consistent Quality

If you want to move your industrial bakery to the next level, it’s time to invest in automated processing equipment that leads to consistent quality, year after year. After all, that’s what makes a brand become a legend.

Automated Equipment Designed with the Dry Mix Baking Industry in Mind

At APEC, we offer two types of automated processing equipment designed for the specific needs of the industrial dry mix baking industry: The Bulk Bag Unloader and the Horizontal Ribbon Mixer. Keep reading to find out how they can shoulder the load for your business.

Bulk Bag Unloader

The Bulk Bag Unloader automates the unloading process for bulk bags that are used in the industrial baking industry. This also allows companies to buy super sacks for additional savings. The major benefits of the bulk bag unloader can be found in time savings and improving the safety conditions related to heavy lifting.

At APEC, we specialized in customized equipment. So, if you have a need, just ask! We’re proud to provide the following:

Forklift option with electrical chain hoist for extra lifting support.

Bag massagers or feeders of different sizes that will help remove the product.

Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

For small and medium-sized industrial bakeries, the stainless-steel Horizontal Ribbon Mixer is key to scaling production. With the Horizontal Ribbon Mixer, the ribbon can reach within a 1/8th inch of the wall so that dry mixes are churned completely and consistently every time.

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