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How to Customize Your Powder Feeder

A powder feeder can improve your system efficiency by metering the right amount of materials from the ingredient source—such as a bulk bag or another container—into a mixer or another downstream process. Many ingredients can be challenging to work with, and knowing how to customize your powder feeder can prevent flow problems like clogging, flushing…

How Capacitive Load Cells Work

Capacitive load cells are relatively new to the weighing world, compared to strain gauge load cells, which have been used for decades to measure weight through piezoresistivity. Capacitive load cells use electric charge to measure weight. This, and other important differences, give capacitive load cells several advantages over traditional strain gauge load cells. Knowing how…

6 Lot Traceability Problems and Solutions in Food Processing

Lot traceability is essential for consumer safety. While it’s impossible to prevent food safety hazards 100% of the time, lot traceability allows manufacturers and distributors to stop the spread of contamination when it occurs, and prevent more customers from accessing the contaminated goods. Common lot traceability problems in storage, processing, and distribution can make it…