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CattlePro Advantage

APEC understands the unique challenges of the cattle feed lot manager. The need to balance the specific nutritional needs of the animals with cost effective procurement of drugs and reducing costs wherever possible is as crucial as it is challenging. With APEC’s Cattle Pro microscaling system you eliminate the need to lease expensive equipment and purchase drugs from the drug manufacturer at top dollar prices. The Cattle Pro Liquid & Dry Micro ingredient System allows you to apply carrier and active ingredients directly onto the cattle feed with your own equipment which opens up the ability to purchase the ingredients wholesale which in turn, significantly reduces costs and provides a quick ROI without sacrificing the quality of the feed.

Consider purchasing your own automated liquid and dry micro ingredient scale to allow more control over your bottom line. The Cattle Pro comes with an integrated controller. The manual process is labor intensive and can be subject to operator error, causing costly downtime and product waste. When you are dealing with expensive drugs, you want to eliminate as much product waste as is possible. By implementing the automated Cattle Pro system into your feed coating process, you will increase productivity, quality and safety while reducing costs and downtime.

Wet and dry microingredient system

Standard Features

  • Bar coded confirmation of ingredients
  • Lot tracking and usage dates
  • Expiration dates monitored by first in first out
  • Time & Date Stamped
  • Detailed reports of usage and production throughout the entire process

  • Modular construction for maximum versatility
  • Accurate weighing of dry micro additives
  • Separate liquid scale for increased speed and accuracy
  • Flush hopper with conveyor for easy and complete clean out

  • Pumping system uses less water than similar systems
  • Multiple bin and scale sizes available
  • Pre-wired and pre-plumbed for easy installation

The Complete Guide to Wet/Dry Microingredient Cattle Feed Machines

Cattle Pro Spec Sheet

What APEC Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers Are Saying

“APEC’s Cattlepro Wet/Dry Micro scale has been an extremely worthwhile investment for Belle Plaine Colony. We are not tied to a drug purchase contract and the equipment that comes with it. We are free to source our drugs from any manufacturer we choose. The upfront expense of the purchase of the unit has been well worth it, as the return on our investment was very swift. Since changing to the APEC Cattlepro we have seen a large drop in cost per head. The quality of the finished product and the savings in cost per head have made the APEC CattlePro a game changer for us.”

Matthew Tschetter

Belle Plaine Colony Regina SK, Canada

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