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  • 8 Benefits of Automation for Businesses and Employees

    The costs of keeping workers safe in dangerous manufacturing environments is high and will likely continue to rise as the need for PPE and appropriate workplace distancing increases. In these situations, automation not only presents an opportunity to reduce costs and improve efficiency, but also reduce the human costs—workplace injuries and illness. While automation has…

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  • The Myth of Chasing Cheap Labor

    Recent events shed a light on the potential downside to setting up manufacturing in other countries in order to cut labor costs, and the instability that can occur without established links in the labor force. More and more companies are looking at the long-term costs to these operations, rather than just the direct labor costs. …

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  • 9 Inefficiencies in Food Processing Eating into Money and Time

    Inefficiencies in your operation aren’t always big problems like a machine break-down or product contamination. Though these are certainly concerns, many sources of lost time, energy and resources—and, ultimately, lost money—are a series of small things. These small inefficiencies add up and take their toll on production time. Consider these 9 inefficiencies in food processing.…

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Case Studies

Resources – Recent Case Studies

  • Automotive Sealing Components

    Problem: An eastern Michigan manufacturer of automotive sealing components and reinforcements was interested in finding a more accurate method to manufacture their products. Their process was entirely manual. Batching, weighing, and measuring was all being done completely by hand which amounted to waste due to human error, poor housekeeping, and high labor costs. The company approached…

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  • Integrated Pork Operation

    Industry: Animal Feed Customer: Integrated Pork Operation The Challenge A large integrated hog operation, decided to manufacture their own feed. Because of the record keeping and required precision they wanted an easy automatic way to introduce micro ingredients into their process. They had plans to automate the rest of the feed manufacturing plant, but the micro ingredients…

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  • Specialty Ingredient Manufacturer

    The Issue A chemical manufacturer heard about APEC’s Mistcoater, which had been used for many years for applying fats and flavorings to animal feed and pet food, and approached APEC about the possibility of using the same machine for their enzyme product. The customer had developed an enzyme that when added to animal feed, reduced…

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