Custom Fabricated Brackets

A very large egg producer in west Michigan reached out to APEC during an important expansion phase as they were developing a new hennery. They were looking for a fabrication facility that could mass-produce a single type of bracket they needed to complete construction of a new barn. It was essential that the brackets be uniform and produced in a timely manner, so there were no errors in construction and no delays in their timeline.

APEC sent an engineer to the build site to take measurements. From these, the custom bracket was designed. The talented fabricators, using state-of-the-art cutting and forming equipment, were able to replicate the custom bracket hundreds of times and complete the project quickly, ensuring the builders had the brackets on-hand for installation ahead of schedule.

The builders and management at the egg producer were so impressed with the quality work that they have come back to APEC several times to have the same type of brackets custom designed and mass produced for each new barn that has gone up since. APEC has since turned out thousands of these custom brackets and continues to help the egg producer’s expansion.