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With almost 20 years of experience in automation equipment fabrication, we have the experience and expertise to build and customize the most efficient solutions for the food processing industry. Whether you are looking for standard specifications to suit your facility, or specialized equipment to solve unique challenges, we can help.

  • Streamlining FSMA Compliance: Simplify FSMA compliance from the start with optimal system design and fabrication. From manufacturing techniques to lot tracking to precision weighing and more, the right system will make FSMA compliance simple and manageable.
  • Efficient Processing in Sanitary Environments: We manufacture equipment to meet food safety and sanitation requirements for premix processing, snack food, pet food, mineral supplements and many more. With great attention to detail and adherence to GMP, our equipment can be easily cleaned and sanitized while maintaining maximum efficiency.
  • Innovative Solutions: We have developed proprietary solutions to some of food processing’s most difficult challenges, including the Batchbox for fast and easy system reprogramming, the Mistcoater for uniform snack coating, washdown-capable capacitive load cells and many more.

Our Innovation Leads the Industry

APEC Food Industry Mistcoater

The Mistcoater: Apply coatings of nearly any kind, to nearly any premix or product, with astounding precision

Micro Scale

Microingredient System: Take your process to the next level. APEC Microingredient systems can help cut costs, improve traceability, improve safety, and much more.

Horizontal Ribbon Mixers: Blend ingredients consistently with minimal wear over time due to our superior design.

About APEC


Since 1992, APEC has specialized in the design and manufacturing of ingredient automation equipment and controls for weighing, dosing, mixing, continuous blending, and coating. Our equipment and control systems weigh and control flow rates from grams to tons. We serve a variety of industries with such diverse applications as the automatic formulation of flavored drink mix, rubber products, plastics, cereal products, pet food, animal feed, brake linings, vitamin and mineral supplements, lawn patch, fertilizer, foam, and composite wood products.

What makes APEC better?


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From system programming to mixing, coating, batching, and more, we design and fabricate automation systems for all types of processes and products.

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Different ingredients and products require different processes to get the desired result. We customize equipment according to the needs of your recipe, processing volume, facility and precision.

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With nearly 20 years of experience, our dedicated engineering and fabrication team has worked with all types of equipment and solved complex automation problems.

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We integrate the latest computing technology, materials, manufacturing practices, and stay up-to-date on food processing legal requirements.

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