Mistcoater Liquid Applicator


The Mistcoater Advantage

The Mistcoater uses spinning disks instead of spray nozzles for applying liquids to dry solids in a continuous flow process. The unit prevents clogging with liquids that have suspended solids such as slurries and solutions with a high percentage of sugar or salt.

  • There are no spray nozzles that can clog
  • Multiple liquids can be applied through one inlet point
  • Less head pressure required of liquid pumps due to the lack of liquid inlet restriction

The Mistcoater Process

The product to be coated enters into the machine and falls onto a rotating “dry disk”. The material falls off the dry disk in a cascading helical pattern. Simultaneously, the liquid is pumped onto spinning disks located in the center of the cascading product. This liquid is atomized and applied to the falling dry material. Internal scrapers prevent product build up on the walls of the coating chamber.


Units Sizes & Capabilities

5 Ton – 250 cu. feet per hour (7 cu. meters per hour)

20 Ton – 1,000 cu. feet per hour (28 cu. meters per hour)

40 Ton – 2,000 cu. feet per hour (56 cu. meters per hour)

70 Ton – 3,500 cu. feet per hour (100 cu. meters per hour)

120 Ton – 6,000 cu. feet per hour (170 cu. meters per hour)

Mistcoater Models

  • “T” – Coating chamber with discharge chute
  • “TMX” – Coating chamber with twin screw ribbon and paddle mixing conveyor.
  • “SST” – All stainless steel contact surfaces and food grade components for increased sanitation.

Standard Features

  • Flanged inlet and outlet openings
  • Dry disk drive with timing belt/sprocket reduction
  • Coating chamber with scraper
  • Single access door
  • Stainless steel liquid disk(s) with v-belt drive and support legs

Optional Features

  • CEMA IV or Food Grade Finish
  • Heat tracing
  • Keep full level sensor
  • Close tolerance construction
  • Mixing conveyor extensions

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