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Everything You Need to Know About Working with a Metal Fabrication Partner

Learn more about the benefits of custom fabrication, what to expect, and how to find the right custom fabrication partner


Custom fabrication can help you complete manufacturing, prototyping and construction projects with speed and precision. We wrote the Metal Fabrication Subcontracting Decision Guide to give you an inside look at metal fabrication, including the processes, machines, costs, and more. In the guide, we discuss criteria to look for in a great subcontracting partner, benefits of subcontracting metal fabrication, and how to decide whether your project is a right fit for custom metal fabrication.

What is in This Guide?


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How to Find the Right Metal Fabrication Partner

There are many different custom metal fabrication shops to choose from. How do you know when you’ve found the right partner? What should you look for? We’ll discuss the details in the guide.

icon checkWhat to Expect from the Custom Metal Fabrication Process

See how working with a metal fabrication subcontracting partner can help you shorten turnaround times, streamline your design, complete complex projects with precision, and more.

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Machines, Processes, Costs and More

Before choosing a metal fabrication subcontracting partner it’s important to consider costs, the processes that you need, designs, drawings, your goals, and more. We’ll go through the details, so you can make an informed decision.

Who Should Use this Guide?


Shop Owners and Managers

If you find yourself taking on a project with complex fabrication work, fast turnaround times, or uncommon dimensions, you may have concerns about over-working your shop and staff. A subcontractor can help to simplify complex jobs, supplement your manufacturing output, and fill in experience or technology gaps.


If you have a new idea for a product or a design that you want to bring to life, or a specific problem you want to solve, skilled fabrication work can help you do it. We can help you complete short runs of your prototype, make improvements on your designs to improve the manufacturing process, and assist with a full-scale development and manufacturing of specialty products and equipment.

Project Managers

One part and even one process can create a long and expensive bottle-neck in a construction or manufacturing project. Whether you need one specific and precise piece to complete your project, or you need hundreds of uniform parts, the right custom fabrication subcontractor can help.

About APEC


Since 1992, APEC has specialized in the design and manufacturing of specialty equipment and customized metal fabrication solutions. From designing and engineering to welding, forming, cutting and machining, our experienced staff members can help solve complex challenges. Whether you are struggling with quick turnaround, complex fabrication work, uniform and consistent production, or another challenge, we can help.

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