Pet Food Processing and Coating Equipment by APEC

How much does downtime caused by equipment error cost your company? For more than 20 years, APEC has been listening and responding to the needs of companies in the pet food industry. Our pet food processing equipment will help reduce downtime and errors in your manufacturing process, while keeping a detailed tracking of your inventory and product.

Not only do we provide you with peace of mind when you use our reliable equipment, we improve your bottom line through our smooth processes.

Increased Accuracy and Productivity through Our Pet Food Processing Equipment

Hand scooping presents so many risks – from injuries from repetitive movements to exposure to operator error. That’s why we use micro ingredient scales that ensure accuracy while reducing the risk of operator error.

Our wide range of configurations of bin lid locks helps to prevent incorrect bin usage, again cutting down on error. And we interface with your existing enterprise software to avoid redundant data entry during the uploading and downloading of data.

We aim to help you keep your operating process efficient and accurate – and our pet food processing equipment helps you do that.

Tracking and Product Safety through Our Pet Food Processing Equipment

You need to know what’s going on with your process, and you need the ability to change any issues as soon as they arise – before too much time and money has been wasted. Our Automation Pro provides a control system that precisely monitors and manages your process with durable components. Our system offers:

  • Bar coded confirmation of ingredients so you know they’ve arrived at their correct location.
  • Lot tracking of ingredients to identify their arrival and usage.
  • Expiration date monitoring through first in/first out usage.
  • Time and date stamping on every transaction that provides detailed reports of usage and production throughout your entire process.

When you use APEC’s pet food processing equipment, you keep control of your process. You can quickly catch problems, and changes are easy to make.

Pet Food Flow Chart

Comprehensive Pet Food Equipment and Control System

We offer a comprehensive system that meets all your pet food processing needs. We offer both equipment and control systems that integrate with each other, so you can have the assurance of quality production throughout your entire process.

Our Mistcoater, Micro Ingredient Scales, and APEC Automation Pro all work seamlessly together to create an efficient system. Because our team designs and assembles the equipment in-house, we’re able to customize the equipment and systems you need for your specific process.

Our smart designs and systems reduce clogging and equipment error. Because we know your challenges, we design machines that reduce mess in the surrounding areas while making cleanup of the actual equipment simple. We help reduce downtime in your process while improving your bottom line.

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One Source for Pet Food Solutions

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As the manufacturer of both equipment and control systems, APEC offers a comprehensive system to meet all your process needs. Our one source approach gives us the ability to customize the equipment and systems you require, as opposed to an “off the rack” answer. With our large product line, our in-house engineers are able to design and assemble complete systems to meet your specific manufacturing needs. Over the years, we have found the following APEC processing equipment and systems to be exceptionally effective for our pet food clients.

The Mistcoater offers a significant improvement over traditional spray systems to apply fat, flavorings, mold inhibitors or enzymes. It atomizes liquids without spray nozzles. Liquids that are commonly used on pet food can quickly clog spray nozzles. Since we use spinning disks to atomize the liquid, you never have to worry about clogged nozzles affecting the performance of the machine.

Micro Ingredient Scales are available conical rectangular scale hoppers with capacities from 55-550 liters with roll over hopper, slide gate, butterfly valve, or knife gate discharge. They include flanged inlet, solid top cover, flanged outlet, load cell mounts, load cells with mounting hardware, and summing box.

APEC Automation Pro allows formulas to be manually or electronically entered into the system. The system will automatically control the proper measurement of ingredient into each scale. The material is then transferred to the mixing operation where proper mixing cycle is handled, including mix time and transfer of ingredients to packaging or bulk load out.

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Pet Food Case Studies

  • Pet Food Case Study

    The Challenge The tumble drum coater used to add fat and flavors to their pet food resulting in higher labor and down time on the line, such as: Suspended solids caused clogged spray nozzles and poor uniformity of coatings Excessive backpressure resulted in premature failure of the pumps and valves Atomized liquid from open ends…

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