Pet Food Case Study

The Challenge

The tumble drum coater used to add fat and flavors to their pet food resulting in higher labor and down time on the line, such as:

  • Suspended solids caused clogged spray nozzles and poor uniformity of coatings
  • Excessive backpressure resulted in premature failure of the pumps and valves
  • Atomized liquid from open ends created a slipping hazard and the need for constant cleaning
  • The lack of access and excessive length meant a person had to enter drum for cleaning

The Solution

We worked with the customer utilizing the APEC Mistcoater to work within the available footprint. This machine is totally enclosed and uses spinning disks instead of spray nozzles to apply liquid to kibble. It is designed with full length access doors for easy access to all areas of the machine for cleaning.

The Result

Down time required for cleaning the surrounding area was virtually eliminated, as well as the safety hazard. The product coating uniformity was greatly improved, since the fat and flavorings were atomized properly due to the Miscoater’s spinning disks. The customer has since replaced all of their tumble drum coaters with APEC Mistcoaters and utilized Mistcoaters in their new facility.