One Source For Specialty Ingredient Solutions

Our one source approach gives us the ability to customize the equipment and systems you require, as opposed to an “off the rack” answer. With our large product line, our in-house engineers are able to design and assemble complete systems to meet your specific manufacturing needs. Over the years, we have found the following APEC processing equipment and systems to be exceptionally effective for our clients.

The Mistcoater offers a significant improvement over traditional spray systems when applying fat, flavorings, mold inhibitors or enzymes to a product. Liquids that are commonly used in the coating process can quickly clog spray nozzles. Since the Mistcoater uses spinning disks to atomize the liquid, you never have to worry about clogged nozzles affecting the performance of the machine.

APEC Automation Pro allows formulas to be manually or electronically entered into the system. It will automatically control the proper measurement of ingredients into each scale. The material is transferred from the scales to the mixing portion of the process and ends with product packaging or bulk load out.

Micro Ingredient Scales Our Volumetric and Loss In Weight Feeders have integral hoppers and are available in either screw type or vibratory discharge and are available in a wide range of flow rates. APEC’s feeders come complete with a hinged cover, expanded metal trash screen, removable screw tube, floor standing support frame, and a TEFC motor drive with gear/chain reduction.

Bulk Super Sacks dischargers come with adjustable support frame for varying bag height, bag hanging support frame with fork pockets, bag untie opening with discharge isolation, pneumatic bag massage for difficult to discharge materials. Options include screw feeder or vibratory discharge, load cell tank weighing assemblies for loss in weight mode discharge, stainless steel construction.

Continuous Mixers are available in sizes from 1-10 cu meters swept volume. Ribbon mixers use a double ribbon agitator mounted with solid spokes to a solid shaft. The shaft mount reducer drive eliminates the sprocket and chain arrangement found on other mixers, and simplifies maintenance. Mixers are available in both slide gate and drop bottom designs. Materials of construction are mild or stainless steel with finishes ranging from CEMA II to food grade design.

We offer Liquid Handling Systems with liquid storage units constructed from stainless steel or polyethylene. APEC’s Liquid Handling Systems are complete with high flow metering positive displacement gear pumps and low flow metering diaphragm type pumps.

Our coreolis type mass flow meters have no moving parts and hold calibration extremely well. Liquid flow is determined by weight, which eliminates any caused by changes in temperature, specific gravity, or viscosity.

APEC’s nutating disk volumetric meters offer cast iron construction to tolerate liquids with suspended solids that work on positive displacement (volume) and need to be calibrated for the specific liquid that will be flowing in the system.

Proportioning valves are used in place of a variable speed control on the pump to regulate the flow of liquid and are commonly used in re-circulating systems.

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