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As the manufacturer of both equipment and control systems, APEC offers a comprehensive system to meet all your process needs. Our one source approach gives us the ability to customize the equipment and systems you require, as opposed to an “off the rack” answer. With our large product line, our in-house engineers are able to design and assemble complete systems to meet your specific manufacturing needs. Over the years, we have found the following APEC processing equipment and systems to be exceptionally effective for our pet food clients.

The Mistcoater offers a significant improvement over traditional spray systems to apply fat, flavorings, mold inhibitors or enzymes. It atomizes liquids without spray nozzles. Liquids that are commonly used on pet food can quickly clog spray nozzles. Since we use spinning disks to atomize the liquid, you never have to worry about clogged nozzles affecting the performance of the machine.

Micro Ingredient Scales are available conical rectangular scale hoppers with capacities from 55-550 liters with roll over hopper, slide gate, butterfly valve, or knife gate discharge. They include flanged inlet, solid top cover, flanged outlet, load cell mounts, load cells with mounting hardware, and summing box.

APEC Automation Pro allows formulas to be manually or electronically entered into the system. The system will automatically control the proper measurement of ingredient into each scale. The material is then transferred to the mixing operation where proper mixing cycle is handled, including mix time and transfer of ingredients to packaging or bulk load out.

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