Cereal and Snacks

Industry: Cereal and Snacks
Customer: Major manufacturer of cereal

Problem: The customer was working in conjunction with a major retailer to develop an exclusive product for that retailer. The product was tied to a movie promotion so the ability to make the new product in a timely fashion was critical. Ordinary coating technology did not give the desired effect, so the customer approached APEC about using the Mistcoater to apply the liquids and dry additives that were critical in making the product.

Solution: APEC ran tests at their facility and determined that it was possible to use a Mistcoater to apply the ingredients. APEC worked with the customer to do a quick turnaround on a food grade version of the Mistcoater. In order to minimize the amount of time that would be required for startup, the system was prewired.

Result: The system was manufactured, tested, and delivered in the time frame that was desired by the customer and the retailer and in time for the movie promo. The customer was impressed by the capabilities of the Mistcoater and ordered a second coating system for their R and D facility.