Increasing Poultry Feed Quality

Poultry feed pellets, similar to those processed by APEC’s Mistcoater Liquid Coating Machine

About Pilgrim’s Foods

Pilgrim’s produces high-quality food products in processing plants around the world. As one of the largest global poultry producers, they have poultry feed down to a science. Their feed mill runs 24 hours a day, six days a week. Each week, they process 9,500 tons of poultry feed pellets.   

The Problem

Committed to operational excellence, Pilgrim’s was striving for a higher PDI, or pellet durability index. A higher PDI would indicate a higher quality of poultry pellets. Their poultry feed only achieved 65% PDI because of the amount of fat in the formula.  

The Solution

In 2022, they implemented the Mistcoater Liquid Coating System into their pellet processing system to add the fat at the end of the processing line. Now, they can produce a leaner pellet with a fat coating that increases the calorie count with the Mistcoater’s help. This liquid coating machine has helped increase the PDI for Pilgrim’s poultry feed to 89%, producing a higher quality pellet that results in larger poultry.  

By the Numbers

  • 9,500 tons of poultry feed pellets each week 
  • 65% PDI before using the Mistcoater  
  • 89% PDI after using the Mistcoater  

Explore the Mistcoater

APEC’s Mistcoater is trusted by experts as the leading solution for dispersing liquids to dry solids. By using spinning discs, the Mistcoater prevents downtime attributed to clogged spray nozzles. Find out more about the Mistcoater Liquid Coating System.