Increasing the Cattle Feed Bottom Line: A CattlePro Case Study

Increasing the Cattle Feed Bottom Line: A CattlePro Case Study

About TC Feeders

TC Feeders is located in Alberta, Canada. The cattle feedlot raises and cares for 10,000 calves, including backgrounding and finishing. As a specialty feedlot, their customers don’t want to see average cattle quality; they want to see the best – and nothing less.  

The Problem

Two simultaneous ongoing contracts for a leased Micro Ingredient System and brand-name additives meant that they had very little financial flexibility. With zero room for error, TC Feeders began looking for a more cost-effective solution to feeding cattle. 

The Solution

TC Feeders decided to purchase a CattlePro Liquid and Dry Micro Ingredient System from APEC. After four years of using the CattlePro Micro Ingredient System, the feedlot has never looked back. “I don’t understand why more lots don’t own this machine,” said Marvin Tschetter, from Belle Plaine Colony Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  


TC Feeders reduced costs by $.06 per head, compared to the cost of their previous equipment and supplements. This primarily is attributed to two reasons:  

Owning their Micro Ingredient System 

The cattle feedlot no longer needs to lease a Micro Ingredient System, with unending monthly payments. Now, after paying for the equipment, they can simply accrue profits. 

Choosing Wholesale Supplements  

TC Feeders’ lease agreement was also tied to a contract for brand-name supplements. Without the lease or supplement contract, TC Feeders has the flexibility to choose their wholesale supplements.  

Simplicity & Efficiency

“The CattlePro is so easy to use and maintain,” said Tschetter, who appreciates how the system integrates easily with their software system, Global iTS.  

Not only is regular feed mixing easier, but mass medication is as well. In the past, each animal had to be treated individually or risk up to a 4% death loss. With the Cattle Pro, feedlots can add medication to the feed, which is much more efficient and effective. 

Customer Service

More than anything, Tschetter was impressed by APEC’s customer service. Even after the sale, APEC is committed to supporting customers to integrate and maintain their machines, without any ongoing subscriptions.  

By the Numbers

  • 10,000 cattle  
  • $.06 cost savings per head of cattle  
  • Four years of customer satisfaction 

Explore the CattlePro Liquid & Dry Micro Ingredient System

After four years of utilizing the CattlePro system, the impact on TC Feeders’ operations has been profound. Even in challenging weather conditions, the calves have a healthy shine on their coat, thanks to the optimal nutrition provided by the system. 

Discover the difference that the CattlePro Liquid & Dry Micro Ingredient System can make for your cattle feedlot. Learn more today!