The APEC Mistcoater SST: Upgraded to Make Cleaning and Maintenance a Breeze

Owing to the popularity of our Mistcoater liquid applicator, APEC recently came out with a newer, upgraded version: the Mistcoater SST. With Superior Sanitation Technology (hence the SST), this new equipment has added food-grade components (for even better sanitation) and its design is improved for easier cleaning.

The Mistcoater SST’s Biggest Benefit: Spinning Disks

When compared to other liquid application systems, the Mistcoater provides better control and easier cleaning. Why? Because APEC utilizes custom-engineered “spinning disks” instead of traditional spray nozzles.

To apply liquids to solids in a continuous and highly controlled process, the liquid needs to be atomized to a great degree. The drawback of using nozzles is that sometimes solids suspended in the liquid can clog the nozzles, leading to more down-time for cleaning and repairs. The Mistcoater’s spinning discs eliminate the risk of clogging, improving the system’s overall productivity and accuracy.

More Advantages of the Mistcoater SST

APEC’s original Mistcoater holds many advantages over traditional liquid applicators—and the new Mistcoater SST improves upon its predecessor in several impressive ways:

  • Upgraded design for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Added food grade components
  • All stainless steel contact surfaces
  • Food grade gaskets

Like the original Mistcoater, the SST is a completely enclosed coating system, so you don’t have to worry about liquid spraying all over your other equipment. This makes cleaning much easier, and also helps keep everything sanitary.

Common Applications

The APEC Mistcoater is used in a wide range of industries. In fact, many companies who purchased the first Mistcoater liquid applicators that APEC produced are still using them today, many years later.

The new Mistcoater SST will carry on this proud tradition. The SST is perfect for liquid application processes in pet food, cereal, animal feed, specialty ingredients, plastic products, and many more industries.

Learn More about APEC’s Process Solutions

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