BatchBox, the Future of Batch Control Systems

A batch control system is the brain of your ingredient process equipment.

To tell how smart your batch control system’s brain is, answer these three questions:

  1. Is it easy to set up?
  2. Does it easily integrate with different brands of equipment?
  3. Can you make adjustments and changes years after it’s been installed?

If the answer is no to any of these, you’re living in an outdated world of process equipment. Thankfully, APEC has developed the perfect solution to your batch control needs.

Enter BatchBox, the first batch control system you can change and modify after it’s already been installed

The BatchBox is the first system of its kind. In fact, it’s the first batch control system that is easy to setup, integrates seamlessly with almost all ingredient process equipment, and can be changed and modified continuously to fit your needs.

Over the years, our clients in the animal feed, pet food, and food processing industries have asked us why it’s so difficult and expensive to change a batch control system once it’s already installed. At APEC, we decided that it shouldn’t be that way.

With input from our clients, and drawing from our 20 years’ worth of experience manufacturing automated process equipment, we came up with the BatchBox—the perfect solution to keep pace with the ever-evolving world of ingredient automation, now and in the future.

How the BatchBox is different

BatchBox is a computer-based batch control system that uses open architecture, which allows it to integrate seamlessly with most brands of scale instruments and loadcells. Because it uses generic components, it’s easy to find replacement parts for future repairs as well.

When it starts, the BatchBox will ask the operator a number of questions. Using this information, it will automatically set up a graphic screen and IO, running your batch system automatically to your exact specifications.

In the future if you need to make adjustments to your recipe, or if you need to change the system completely, you can simply start the process over again by going through the same interview process with your BatchBox.

Learn about the APEC advantage!

APEC manufactures both the process equipment and control systems for a wide range of industries. Our BatchBox is just one in a diverse line of process automation products – learn about our many services by calling us today at 1 (616) 374-1000 or request information by filling out this short online form.

Watch the BatchBox video: