What Industries Utilize APEC’s Processing Equipment?

Although most known us as a tight-knit company offering customized solutions, APEC’s clients are a diverse bunch. By design, our processing equipment can be used by a wide spectrum of industries.

Over the course of our 23 years in business, we’ve helped design, manufacture, install, and maintain automated processing equipment for clients in the pet food, animal feed, and food processing industries – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s take a closer look at the many industries that utilize APEC’s processing equipment.

Animal Feed & Pet Food Industries

We started out serving the animal feed and pet food industries, and they still make up the bulk of APEC’s business. Our equipment systems and ingredient automation make us a perfect fit for all animal feed and pet food manufacturers. One reason is that our product line offers specialized equipment for liquid coating, mixing, blending, weighing and batching.

Here’s a glimpse at some of our products specifically designed for these industries:

  • Animal Feed

APEC’s Cattle Pro Liquid and Dry Microingredient System allows you to apply active and carrier ingredients directly to feed, so you can purchase ingredients wholesale at reduced cost.

  • Pet Food

We create customized food coating systems, utilizing the APEC Mistcoater, which eliminates clogging by using spinning disks to atomize liquids in place of spray nozzles.

Other Industries that Utilize APEC’s Processing Equipment and Services

The variety of applications in which APEC’s equipment is utilized is a testament to our versatility. Here are a few of our more common applications:

  • Food Processing

Snack, cereal, and other food processing and coating equipment. One such offering is the APEC ProFlo Meter, which allows for extremely accurate mass flow measurement.

  • Premix Processing

Utilizing micro ingredient scales, bulk super sacks dischargers, and the APEC Automation Pro Series, we offer the premix processing industry endless options for customization.

  • Specialty Ingredient Manufacturers

In addition to our full product line, our engineers can custom-design a specialty ingredient solution utilizing our automated processing equipment, including continuous mixers and microingredient systems.

  • Scale Dealers

The APEC BatchBox allows you to customize and re-program your weighing and batching systems now and in the future.

  • Powder and Bulk Solid

For plastic, rubber, and foam manufacturers, APEC’s bulk bag unloaders and micro ingredient scales offer versatility and increased productivity.

Learn More about APEC’s Automated Processing Equipment

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