What Are The Advantages of Industrial Automation?

Processing facilities are always looking for ways to cut costs and increase equipment efficiency and employee safety. The best way to accomplish all of these at once is to add Process Automation to the equation.

With our years of experience building equipment and control systems, we have worked and are familiar with most of the control systems that are available on the market today. This insight has led us to engineer our own line of industrial automation equipment that combines the best of everything and offers a few unique features. Let’s explore APEC’s automation options and how they can improve both operations and the bottom line.

Automation PRO Series

APEC’s computer based industrial automation systems help increase product accuracy by creating a consistent process each and every time, whether your method is batching or continuous. The switch from a manual process to an automated one boasts many advantages. By eliminating the need for human intervention you:

  • Save on labor costs
  • Cut down on waste caused by human error
  • Create a safer and more sanitary working environment

APEC can provide barcode scanning and lot tracking to ensure the safety of the products that you are manufacturing. Complete inventory control allows you to know immediately the ingredients that you have on hand, and the products that you have produced.

Off the shelf components are used in all APEC automation systems so you are not held hostage for parts or obsolete PC boards. APEC is an Allen Bradley integrator and has a UL certified panel building shop.


The BatchBox – first system that is easy to setup, operate AND change in the future. We realize that your business is constantly changing and it is our goal to provide you with a system that keeps pace – now and in the future. This latest APEC innovation is NOT a BlackBox. It is an industrial, computer-based system with open architecture for easy integration with most brands of scale instruments.

BatchBox video on YouTube:


To begin operation, the BatchBox will ask the operator the number of scales, number of metered liquids, ingredients, and mixers. Once the questions are answered, the BatchBox automatically sets up the graphic screen and I/O with the correct configuration. If the system changes, the operator simply repeats the interview process and the HMI is automatically configured.

Additional Advantages of Process Automation

With guidelines on safety and sanitation at an all-time high, it makes sense to incorporate equipment into your processing systems that allows you to easily stay ahead of any issues which might occur.

APEC’s automation equipment was designed to help facilities comply with FSMA regulations by including the necessary programs to track and trace ingredients from inventory to individual runs or batches. Accurate record keeping is an important key to FSMA compliance and APEC is ready to help make that process as painless and as accurate as possible.

Learn More about APEC’s Automation Equipment Options

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