Industry Advantage: APEC’s Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

APEC’s in-house engineers and fabricators have successfully designed an innovative, high-quality horizontal ribbon mixer that can be utilized in the processing of animal feed, pet food, and other products.

Taking great pride in our equipment’s capabilities, we have confidence that our horizontal ribbon mixer will give your processing plant the advantage it needs.

The Advantages of a Strong Foundation of Standard Features

The end-to-end mixing action of a double-ribbon agitator ensures an even blending of ingredients, leading to a more balanced and higher quality mix. Solid spokes mounted to a solid center shaft eliminates the chain which simplifies maintenance, unlike chain and sprocket arrangements that are found on other mixers. The main shaft is supported by either ball bearing flange or spherical roller bearings.

With the sturdy construction of every standard feature, we are confident our horizontal ribbon mixer will run strong for many years to come.

The Advantages of Custom Options for Unique Circumstances

APEC offers a wide range of custom horizontal ribbon mixer options so that you’re covered for any processing need.

Custom options include a variety of:

  • Ribbon Mixer Sizes
  • Capacities (Swept Volume)
  • HPs
  • Surge Capacities
  • Discharges (full-length drop bottom, standard pneumatic-end slide gate, optional center-pneumatic slide gate)
  • Finishes (standard weld, industrial enamel, stainless steel food grade, any paint specification)

Additional options include (but are not limited to) 50 Hz motors, explosion-proof motors, load cell weighing assemblies, and discharge conveyor.

The advantages of choosing customized options are that your horizontal ribbon mixer will run more efficiently, provide higher output, and require less maintenance. This allows you to focus less on your machine and feel assured that your product meets your (and your customers’) high standards and expectations.

With each component being custom designed, engineered, and fabricated in-house, you’re sure to get exactly what you need to consistently put out product you can be proud to offer.

To learn more about how our innovative and durable horizontal ribbon mixer can give your processing plant an advantage, contact APEC today!