Automated Micro Ingredient System Comparison for Cattle Feedlots

The Traditional Micro Ingredient System and the CattlePro™ Micro Ingredient System stack up when it comes to automated cattle feed lot efficiency, integration and accuracy.

A micro ingredient system is a significant investment for any cattle feedlot operation. At APEC, we recognize the challenges that come with managing a successful feedlot operation, and cattle feed nutrition. We’ve taken the time to compare the different micro ingredient systems we offer at APEC in this blog post: The traditional Micro Ingredient System, the CattlePro™ Liquid & Dry Micro Ingredient System and the HD Micro Ingredient System. 

By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how to make the best investment for your cattle feedlot, while providing optimal cattle nutrition. 

Automated Efficiency

At APEC, we specialize in automated equipment for the animal feed industry. All three of the micro ingredient systems we offer have automation for increased efficiency. Whether you choose our CattlePro, HD or traditional Micro Ingredient System, all our cattle feed options offer automation features that can be seamlessly incorporated into your feedlot management process. With our systems, you can streamline your feedlot operations, save valuable time and ensure precise dosing of micro ingredients.  

System Integration

The CattlePro Micro Ingredient System is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution. Unlike the traditional systems, which are typically integrated and rely on external control systems, CattlePro is a stand-alone machine with an integrated controller. This means it operates independently, providing unmatched convenience and efficiency. 

Additionally, the CattlePro Micro Ingredient System takes it one step further, integrating the weighing and batching of both liquid and dry cattle feed ingredients. This innovative feature sets it apart from traditional systems that focus solely on dry powders.   

Accuracy & Precision

Both the traditional Micro Ingredient System and the CattlePro Micro Ingredient System offer enhanced precision. However, the HD Micro Ingredient System offers gram accuracy, making it the perfect solution for highly regulated markets that are closely monitored. 

Talk to an APEC Representative

Whether you are considering the traditional Micro Ingredient System, the innovative CattlePro Micro Ingredient System or the highly accurate HD Micro Ingredient System, all options provide specialized features designed to meet the unique needs of cattle feedlot managers. At APEC, we understand that selecting the right system is a critical decision, and that cattle nutrition is highly important. That is why we’re here to help. Reach out to our team, who can help guide you through the selection process, provide detailed information about each system and offer cattle feed processing solutions tailored to your needs.