APEC Creates Micro Ingredient Solution for Building Contractor

Major Design/Build Firm Uses APEC’s Micro Ingredient System

As a manufacturer of equipment and control systems, APEC offers customizable systems that will meet any processing need. With in-house engineers and a corporate culture that promotes continual innovation, we have been able to build a reputation for problem-solving and exceptional customer satisfaction.

That’s exactly why a firm recently partnered with APEC to help them with a solution for a micro ingredient system that needed to be custom designed and built for one of their significant projects.

The Client

A major design/build firm based in Minnesota, who has earned an industry-wide reputation for providing tailored, innovative, and cost-effective solutions.

They provide clients with early contractor involvement, engineering, procurement, and construction services. For over 130 years,their experience has included grain processing and storage, food manufacturing, feed and pet food manufacturing, flour milling, renewable fuels, cement and mineral, and specialty slipform.

The Project

The College of Agriculture at Auburn University awarded the firm the contract for the design, engineering, and construction of their new Poultry and Animal Nutrition Center. The mission of this state-of-the-art academic and research feed production facility is to achieve the following:

  • Enhance Auburn’s teaching mission by providing hands-on experiences for the students
  • Increase process control to meet research needs well into the future
  • Expand Auburn’s extension mission via industry educational courses

As one of the few types of these facilities in the world, it was to be uniquely designed and positioned to advance feed manufacturing and technology in the southeastern USA and beyond.

The Problem

The facility was in need of equipment for a modular compact feed mill. The problem was that they had a very limited amount of space within which to work. In fact, the available space was much too small for the standard design parameters of the required equipment. Because of this, the agriculture department needed assistance with the design and construction of custom machines to fit in their small footprint.

The Solution

The firm partnered with APEC on a complete equipment customization design that would meet the facilities needs. APEC was able to modify the equipment in such a way that it would fit into the available space by using a twelve bin loss-in-weight micro ingredient system. Each bin and discharge feeder was mounted on a platform scale allowing the modular system to be compact while still giving an accurate metering system.

The team then worked with a local vendor who manufactures pre-fabricated bins to ensure they would be of the size and shape to properly fit within the allotted space.

The Result

The partnership resulted in providing the learning center with a modular design that is a small-scale adaptation of a commercial facility. The feed mill will be operated primarily by students as part of the curriculum and will greatly enhance the research and teaching capabilities of Auburn’s Poultry Science Program.

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