A Lawn Care Company’s Problem and APEC’s Solution

APEC’s Liquid Coating System Saves the Day

As one of the world’s largest lawn and garden companies, selling over 20 brands in 18 countries, this lawn care company knew they had a problem that needed to be handled by a company with a similar reputation.

APEC offers systems built to the exact needs of a project, with in-house engineers who love problem-solving and innovating, they have created an exceptional reputation. This is exactly why this company teamed up with APEC to help build a solution to allow them to get their new product to market.

The Problem

During the process of developing one of their new lawn and garden care products, company researchers and developers realized they needed to blend two difficult and light-density materials. In order to prevent clumping during shipment and storage, these materials needed to be accurately and cleanly coated with a liquid agent.

The difficult situation was exacerbated when the problematic materials would improperly bridge, flow, and flush through their manufacturing system. The company needed help. It was time to find a solution to their problems so they could get their new product to market, fast.

The Solution

The lawn care company reached out to APEC, knowing they could custom-design the equipment required to allow the fibrous materials to move through the process properly and speedily.

APEC knew there would need to be special considerations taken into account and worked on designing and engineering a coating system with a custom feed hopper to accomplish these considerations.

This equipment would need to prevent bridging for proper product flow and also prevent the product from flushing through the system. The special feed hopper would meter the problematic materials into the coater at the proper rate and ratio, creating the correct mixture that was necessary to consistently produce the desired product.

Other important considerations included providing a high level of accuracy and unprecedented efficiency. Spray nozzles were replaced with rapidly spinning disks which apply the coating liquid to the fibrous solids in a continuous flow process. This design eliminates the risk of clogs and lengthens the life of the pumps and other components. It also allows for a more uniform coverage onto the dry materials.

When it comes to sanitation, APEC’s mistcoaters never compromises. The enclosed design resulted in better process containment so the client doesn’t need to worry about liquid spraying onto the surrounding environment or contaminating the air.

Once the processing equipment was fabricated, APEC technicians then assisted in the installation and startup.

The Result

By bringing together a support staff of electrical and mechanical engineers, field service technicians, journeyman welders, and fabricators, APEC was able to provide the lawn care company with high-quality products in a timely manner.

The new liquid coating system and custom-designed and engineered feed hopper equipment performed well for the tricky materials, providing a high level of accuracy and efficiency. This fabricated equipment made it possible for the new product to be manufactured, packaged, and sold without any problems or issues.

The lawn care company, was very pleased with the manner in which the newly designed equipment performed, and the team at APEC is proud to have been part of the solution to make the company’s innovative new product a reality.