Cattle Pro: The Cattle Feed Micro Machine Saving Time and Money

cattle pro

Finding the right cattle feed micro machine for your dry and liquid micro ingredient additives can save you time and money. However, it’s important to find a balance between price, ROI, maintenance costs, ease of use, and functionality. Understanding the challenges facing feedlots, APEC developed the Cattle Pro with flexibility, durability, and cost-savings in mind. The Cattle Pro enables feedlot owners to precisely add  the best combination of antibiotics and nutrients for optimal quality.

8 Benefits of the Cattle Pro Micro Ingredient Scale

cattle micro machine mixer 1. No Commitment, Better Prices

Many liquid and dry weighing machines for cattle come with an unspoken agreement; a long-term ingredient supplier’s  contract. The Cattle Pro does not have fine print. The Cattle Pro micro machine is suitable for any of the typical micro ingredients used in a feedlot, and is programmable for any amounts you specify. You can continue to purchase from any suppliers, so you are free to shop around for the best price.

Our Cattle Pro Micro Ingredient System means you no longer need to sign a contract with your micro ingredient distributor. It allows you to reduce costs by shopping for the micro ingredients without being locked into a contract. The Cattle Pro Microingredient System is fully accepted and compliant with government regulations.

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2. Fewer Processes

The Cattle Pro allows you to add dry and wet micro ingredients in exact amounts.  The system delivers the ingredients as a slurry that is pumped directly to your feed mixer.  This means no more time-consuming separate weighing and adding of nutrients and antibiotics. The Cattle Pro also weighs ingredients in a fraction of the time compared to manual weighing. You and your staff can save time, energy, and manpower.

3. Faster, Easier, Safer

Weighing and adding micro ingredients by hand not only takes time, energy and extra staff, but it also introduces error. A moment’s distraction means feed is not properly formulated and cattle are exposed to nutrient deficiencies and the possibility of disease. The Cattle Pro eliminates this uncertainty with a pre-programmed, precise weighing system and automatic delivery into the feed mix. Liquid and dry ingredients are weighed and added exactly, every time, in a few quick minutes.

4. Lot and Ingredient Tracking

For organization and quality assurance, it’s important to know where your ingredients come from and where they go. The Cattle Pro can conduct barcode tracking on ingredients automatically, so you can see exactly what nutrients, antibiotics and other additives went into the feed. Lot tracking takes this visibility a step further, showing you where the feed went, and when it was used.  Every transaction is stamped with the exact time and date, so there is no guesswork involved.

5. Accurate Measurements Support ROI

Adding too many minerals or antibiotics means paying for extra you don’t need. Not adding enough means cattle don’t get the nutrients they need for optimal production or disease resistance. Exact feed measurements and mixing allow you to pinpoint the optimal amounts, and perfectly balance inputs and outputs.

6. Low Maintenance

Investing in an automated micro machine for cattle feed additives means weighing the costs against the benefits. Maintenance plays an important part here. The Cattle Pro is easy to clean and maintain, giving it a long life and minimal down-time. The flush hopper and conveyor can be separated from the machine, so it is easy to completely clean. The modular construction makes it easy to access any areas that require maintenance. Made from industrial-grade stainless steel with off-the-shelf components, it can easily be maintained.

7. Reduce Waste

The Cattle Pro automated cattle feed micro machine is completely enclosed.  This keeps the additives contained and eliminates housekeeping problems from water mist escaping from the machine.  The heavy duty construction and precision load sensors mean that you will have accurate results time after time. This also makes it more durable and less susceptible to jamming or environmental damage. Finally, the ingredient conveyor and water pump combination is designed for optimal efficiency, requiring less water than comparable models.

8. Start Right Away

Set-up is also an important consideration when investing in an automated cattle feed micro machine. It shouldn’t take a team of experts to get it up and running. The Cattle Pro is pre-wired and pre-plumbed, so the startup takes less time.  

The Cattle Pro simply makes cattle feed mixing easier. When you save time, money, and benefit from consistent feed quality, you can focus on growing your business. Learn more about the Cattle Pro micro machine  online or contact us for more information.