CattlePro Liquid and Dry Microingredient System: A New Way to Feed Animals

As a producer of animal feed for the beef industry, it can be difficult and expensive to add all the supplements and drugs to your feed effectively and efficiently. Thankfully, with the CattlePro Liquid & Dry Microingredient System you’ll be able to produce high quality beef feed in an affordable and straightforward way.

What is the CattlePro Liquid & Dry Microingredient System?

The CattlePro Liquid & Dry Microingredient System is a processing system developed by Automated Process Equipment Corporation (APEC) to improve the quality and production of your animal feed processes. The CattlePro system enables you to apply carrier and active ingredients to your own feed in an automated way that reduces cleaning and maintenance time and costs, while improving productivity and quality.

What are the benefits of using the CattlePro Liquid & Dry Microingredient System?

The goal behind the CattlePro system is to provide an easy solution for all of your feeding needs. This is beneficial in several ways, including:

  • It eliminates operator error and heavy labor demands
  • It increases productivity and quality of feed
  • It reduces costs by allowing you to apply drugs and other additives to your feed with your own equipment, instead of having to rent or lease
  • It also reduces costs by allowing you to purchase wholesale ingredients

CattlePro is also equipped with unique features that will help ease your entire animal feed process. A heavy-duty scale allows you to accurately weigh dry micro additives as well as a separate scale for liquid measurements. These scales will help increase the speed and accuracy with which you produce your feed.

The system also contains a flush hopper, or large sink-like devise, that offers a complete cleanout of the system and the conveyor. This allows for the safe production of clean, uncontaminated animal feed.

The CattlePro system was specifically tailored to the beef industry’s unique needs, and it is also pre-wired and pre-plumbed to make placement and installation easier than ever.

The tight, fully enclosed system and pumping process eliminates wasteful overspray and uses less water and liquids than similar equipment systems. Again, these features help to reduce waste and save money, since they are easier to clean and maintain.

How is the CattlePro Liquid & Dry Microingredient System different?

The system is designed for safety and is accepted by and compliant with government regulations. Ingredients contain a confirmation bar code to assure correct location delivery, and tracking capabilities help to identify the ingredients’ arrival as well as usage dates.

The CattlePro System also provides quality control and inventory assessment by monitoring expiration dates through first-in first-out usage. This significantly cuts waste and helps save money by eliminating unused or misused product.

Every time the CattlePro System produces feed, the transaction is stamped with a time and date. This allows you to maintain a detailed report and tracking system of how much feed you produce and the production statistics of your feed.

How do you get a CattlePro System?

If you’re unsatisfied with your current animal system, looking to save money and time, or are just tired of paying top dollar to drug companies for drugs and equipment rentals, consider switching to a CattlePro System. Fill out a request form for more information or place an order for equipment with APEC today.