Excellence Is in the Details: How to Get the Most out of Your Processing Equipment

Your processing equipment can make or break your success. The downtime that comes from a breakage (not to mention the secondary issues like spoiled raw materials) is enough to make any business owner or manager see red. How can you avoid this scenario? How can you make sure you get the most out of your processing equipment?

Do Everything You Can to AVOID Breakages

This means staying on top of maintenance. Just as you’ll take the time to keep your car engine maintained by regularly scheduling oil changes, it’s important to schedule maintenance checks into the routine of your operation.Regularly inspect all of the components of the equipment, and replace worn-out parts. And remember to lubricate your equipment. In addition, maintain accuracy in proportionate mixing and weighing of products by regularly calibrating your equipment to keep your gauges in alignment.Keep a log to make sure you’re covering everything on time, every time. APEC’s automated processing equipment offers a control system that removes the chance of user error by tracking and recording the process for you.

Equipment Maintenance: Time it Right

Look at the big picture, and analyze your needs when determining how often to schedule maintenance.

Just because a manufacturer suggests a maintenance every six months doesn’t mean your equipment needs to be maintained that often. If you only use the piece of equipment for a few days during that time, you can likely extend the duration between maintenances.

Likewise, make sure you’re performing the required maintenances often enough for the workhorses of your factory.

Train Employees to Do Basic Maintenance and Repair

Cut down on time spent waiting for someone with knowledge to show up and fix a small issue. Train your employees to clean equipment, inspect machines and their parts, and perform basic repairs.

In addition, keep spare parts on hand. In the event of a breakage, you can get your processing equipment back on line much faster when you have the required parts available to you.


Make sure you’re routinely inspecting your processing equipment to stay on top of issues and catch problems before they turn into disasters. Review your maintenance procedures every year, and adjust as you go.

Schedule at Optimum Times

It sounds like a no-brainer, but remember to schedule your maintenance during downtime. Your equipment will be out of service for a time, so make sure you choose the time when it’s least needed.

Learn More About Getting the Most Out of Your Processing Equipment through APEC

APEC’s design in automated processing equipment delivers a nearly 0% breakage rate, in addition to a control system that manages your maintenance schedule for you. Gain time and peace of mind.  Call us at (616) 374-1000 or fill out a form to request information today.