5 Food Processing Equipment Problems You Didn’t Know Are Eating Your OOE

Dark grains locating in roasting machine

And Advanced Solutions to Course Correct 

In the fast-paced world of the food processing industry, every second and every ounce holds the power to make or break success. When your efficiency metrics fall short for the third quarter in a row, it can be discouraging.  

But you don’t know what you don’t know.  

This blog will explore five problems that can negatively impact your overall operational efficiency (OOE), and what you can do to improve it by partnering with APEC, one of the best food processing equipment manufacturers.  

Problem 1: Human Error

Even the best workers make mistakes sometimes. Whether they are distracted, tired or trying to multitask, errors happen. But even a small ingredient error can affect the operational efficiency of your food processing business.  

If you let the error go, you risk the quality and consistency of your brand. If you correct your error, you risk an almost certain backlog on the production, supply chain and delivery schedule.  

As a food processing equipment manufacturer, we understand the frustration. That’s why our in-house engineers have designed automated processing equipment that is specialized for the food industry.  

Problem 2: Food waste

When the inevitable happens and the batch is ruined, you’ve got to throw it out. While wasting food isn’t ideal, the real issue is that it has a cascading effect on other areas of the company: increased production time, inventory discrepancies and increased ingredient and labor costs. 

Tired of wasting ingredients, time and money? It’s time to automate your process, so that you can optimize your efficiency. When you automate with APEC, we’ll help you automate your processes with precision: from weighing, batching to mixing and more.  

Trusted by industry leaders in more than 43 countries, APEC is your answer for your automation needs.  

Problem 3: Damaged food products

Two words: chip crumbs.  

When your food becomes damaged, it can’t go to market. Don’t let this affect your overall operating efficiency. Instead, prevent the damage by choosing the right food processing equipment.  

APEC’s food processing equipment is designed to gently handle the product to ensure that fragile products like chips, popcorn or cereal are not damaged in the process.  

Problem 4: Traceability & transparency

Sometimes it’s necessary to find a certain batch of food product. When this is the case, timing is everything.  

Don’t spend hours looking for the product when you can find it easily with APEC’s equipment, which syncs seamlessly to your ERP system. We make sure that each batch is bar coded, so you can track and trace specific batches of product.  

Problem 5: Mechanical malfunctions

Thirty years after APEC started, 98% of our processing equipment is still in production around the world. While we are committed to long-lasting quality, we also stand behind our scheduled service plans to prevent malfunctions from happening.  

When emergencies happen, you can count on APEC to deliver service (in person or remote) to get your operations back to full capacity.     

Partner with APEC for the Solution

APEC is your one source for food processing industry equipment solutions. We offer a large product line complete with in-house engineers, unlimited customization and continuous innovation. Request a quote today.