Optimizing Food Processing Efficiency with APEC

batch process control

In today’s ultra-competitive food processing industry, when inflation continues to pinch the pocketbooks of manufacturers, efficiency isn’t just important – it’s a necessity. At APEC, we manufacture processing equipment and control systems that help raise the bar for efficiency and profitability. Here’s how:  

 Automated Precision 

When manufacturers choose to automate the process, they are choosing efficiency and precision, virtually eliminating manual errors. For example, our ProFlo Meter measures bulk solids within .05% of the full scale. This ensures accuracy and improves overall efficiency.  

Automated precision also gives manufacturers the ability to monitor and analyze data in real-time. This provides valuable insights and allows for quick adjustments. Ultimately, by embracing automated precision, manufacturers can elevate their production capabilities, streamline operations, and gain a competitive edge in the market. 

Waste & Cost Reduction 

At APEC, we’re on a mission to help processors become lean manufacturers. This happens with increased efficiency and precision, which results in reduced waste and significant cost savings. Our Batch Control System helps manufacturers quantify their waste and cost reduction by providing real-time monitoring and control of each production batch. By tracking the precision application of the ingredients, the Batch Control System minimizes the risk of human error and reduces the respective waste and costs.  

Quality Assurance 

At APEC, we understand the importance of maintaining consistent quality in food processing. Once again, the Batch Control System helps ensure quality assurance throughout the processing line. By automatically tracking KPIs, such as temperature, time and ingredient ratios, the system helps maintain the desired product quality. By streamlining quality assurance processes, APEC’s solutions contribute to improved efficiency and consumer confidence. 

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At APEC, we’re committed to giving you precision control over your measurements, reduced costs without compromising quality. Discover our innovative solutions that will help you become an efficient processing plant.  

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