APEC’s Top Contributions to the Ingredient Processing Industry

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At APEC, we are committed to making a difference in the ingredient processing industry. Our commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction drives not only the company, but the industry forward.  

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Commitment to safety

When we design processing equipment, safety is a major concern.  

We saw how challenging and unsafe a tumble drum coater can be: clogged nozzles, escaping of atomized liquid due to an open end, and drum coaters that were hazardous to clean. Our in-house engineers built the Mistcoater Liquid Coating System, which avoids messy floors and unsafe cleaning scenarios.  

Learn more about how APEC designed a safe alternative for a tumble drum coater.  

Automated efficiency

We want to see our customers thrive.  

Our in-house mechanical and software engineers are committed to manufacturing the ingredient processing equipment you need to achieve overall operational efficiency. This helps increase accuracy and reduce human error.  

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Waste and cost reduction

By now you already know we’re big advocates for automation in the ingredient processing industry. Yes, it increases productivity and accuracy, but it also reduces waste and the costs associated with that.  

We’re proud to have helped an eastern Michigan manufacturer to reduce waste with a fully automated system that included a batching station, mixing station and three transfer stations.  

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Quality that lasts

Purchasing equipment for your business is an investment. At APEC, we understand that.  

We’re committed to making quality equipment that lasts. In fact, the first coating machines we built have run nearly 6 million tons of material. With preventative maintenance, many of these same machines are still going strong.  

Trusted around the world

At APEC, we’re committed to safety, quality and efficiency. That’s why companies in 43 countries around the world choose APEC for their processing equipment. We’re proud to supply more than 1,000 processing machines on 5 continents.  

When it comes to processing equipment, APEC sets the standard 

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Whether you’re looking for liquid coating, batching or mixing equipment, APEC is your one source for ingredient processing industry solutions. We offer a comprehensive line of processing equipment and controls, complete with in-house engineers, unlimited customization and continuous innovation. 

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