3 Reasons to Upgrade to Automated Cattle Feed Processors

Farmer giving dry food to cows

Cattle feedlot managers have a lot on their plate. From overseeing operations to maintaining the herd’s health and improving feed efficiency, there’s no time for maintenance issues. If you’re looking to upgrade your automated equipment for your cattle feedlot, keep reading for three reasons to do so.  

1. Reliability

When medium to large corporations need ingredient automation cattle feed systems, they choose APEC. We specialize in the design and building of high-quality automation equipment. And, after thirty years in business, 98% of our equipment is still running strong.  

Our team is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for modern livestock management. That includes both equipment and scheduled field service. When you choose APEC, you’re choosing a partner. We’ll be there to install, train and maintain your equipment.  

2. Cost Effectiveness

As a cattle feedlot manager, part of your job is to ensure smooth operations, including maximizing the profit. An investment in APEC’s automated cattle feed processing machines can save you time and money in the long run.  

By upgrading to APEC’s automated cattle feeders, you will be able to improve the feed quality and minimize waste.  

3. Customization

Each customer is different and so are their equipment needs. Our in-house engineers design automation equipment to fit the exact specifications, whether your herd is 500 or 5,000.  

Ready to improve your livestock management?

We have machines in more than 43 countries around the world. With in-house engineers, unlimited customization and continuous innovation, it’s no wonder why businesses around the world choose APEC. Request a quote today.