A Little Can Mean A Lot

Ingredient automation can greatly improve the consistency and accuracy of your product. Over time, changes in your process or ingredients can cause small changes in your system.

These changes may just be a matter of seconds or grams, but both can add up to serious cash over the course of a year. A common misconception in ingredient automation is that if an ingredient is cheap, then accuracy isn’t important. Let’s look at an ingredient that costs 17 cents a lb and represents 15% of the formula. With a 3 ton batch mixer, that’s 900 lbs. of material. If the system over shoots by one half of one percent, that’s 4.5 lbs or 76.5 cents per batch. Many systems can cycle a batch in 10min or less, so in this case our potential yearly production is, 6 batches an hour x 20 hours x 300 days. That makes the multiplier 36,000 x .765 or $27,540.00. If you do not have the time to fine tune your system, contact our techs about a visit, or ask about our customer service agreements.