Improve Your Bottom Line by Choosing the Right Nut Coating Equipment

One way nut companies can improve their bottom line is by implementing the right nut coating equipment. With an effective coating system powered by APEC’s Mistcoater, you’ll waste less down time cleaning and maintaining your equipment, and you’ll deliver a superior product to your customers.

With APEC’s Mistcoater liquid applicator, coating nuts is easier and more efficient than ever. The Mistcoater equipment is hands-down the best choice in the nut industry for applying various coatings to nuts and nut products. These coatings include:

  • Salty Coatings: Because it doesn’t use spray nozzles, the Mistcoater can easily handle liquids with suspended solids.
  • Sugary Coatings: A handy swing-out coating chamber provides easy access for cleaning after applying sugary coatings.
  • Chocolate Coatings: Accurate and uniform coating ensures that each nut is consistently covered.

APEC’s Mistcoater At Work

One case study completed by APEC illustrated the benefits of using the Mistcoater. One major manufacturer of nuts experienced company growth, resulting in a need to expand the operation. The manufacturer’s old system was messy and ineffective, resulting in loss of ingredients and contamination during the roasting process.

APEC’s technical staff experimented with a coating system using the Mistcoater because the machine has the ability to apply liquids to dry solids without using spray nozzles. The manufacturer was so impressed with the performance of the experimental Mistcoater that they ordered two systems to immediately replace their old line. The new APEC system eliminated the mess and threat of contamination, and has saved the manufacturer thousands of dollars in lost profits.

How Does The Mistcoater Work?

The Mistcoater is user-friendly and simple, yet powerful, in its design. Here are the basics of how APEC’s Mistcoater gets the job done:

  • Spinning disks atomize the liquid flavorings being applied to the nuts
  • This liquid and other dry ingredients are dispensed by weight – eliminating the need for guess work
  • After the nuts are coated, a retention conveyor ensures that the ingredients have time to be completely dispersed onto the nuts, resulting in a uniform coating.

Because the Mistcoater system is completely enclosed, much of the mess involved in the coating process is eliminated. The Mistcoater’s design features mean an improved bottom line by eliminating waste and the labor costs associated with downtime caused by clogged spray nozzles.

Three Things to Consider When Shopping For Nut Coating Equipment

When considering commercial nut coating equipment, be sure to look for these three qualities:

  1. Easy Cleaning & Maintenance: The Mistcoater’s swing out coating chamber design provides easy access to the moving parts, making cleaning and maintenance easy and painless.
  2. No Spray Nozzles: Liquids used in nut coating can be problematic for spray nozzles, easily clogging (leading to more expensive downtime). The Mistcoater’s spinning disks eliminate the clogging issue.
  3. Fully enclosed: The Mistcoater’s fully enclosed design improves efficiency and keeps fugitive particles from filling the surrounding area. It also cuts down on housekeeping by keeping the mess contained.

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