Superior Sanitation Technology for Liquid Coating Equipment

Sanitation is of the utmost importance to your processing plant. That’s why APEC engineers have created a liquid coating system with outstanding sanitation capabilities that will keep your animal feed, pet food, or snack food safe for consumption. You won’t find our level of accuracy, efficiency, or dedication anywhere else.

Let’s take a look at how one of our products, the Mistcoater SST, makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze and improves the sanitation of your liquid coating equipment…all of which will increase your production rate and make your job easier!

What Is the Mistcoater SST?

The Mistcoater SST is a piece of state-of-the-art liquid coating equipment that has been thoughtfully designed and engineered for higher reliability and a noticeable decrease in waste due to things like overspray when compared to other liquid coating equipment. All contact areas are made of stainless steel to meet food grade standards.

The coater is available in sizes from 5 ton to 120 ton. The unit is enclosed, resulting in complete containment. The spin-disk technology replaces unreliable, clog-prone spray nozzles in order to deliver more uniform coverage and smoother operations.

How Does the Mistcoater SST Work?

Unlike other liquid coaters that utilize spray nozzles to apply liquid to dry materials, the Mistcoater SST uses rotating disks. These disks spin dry material at a low RPM. The dry material falls in a 360-degree curtain around a second disk that spins at a high RPM. Liquid then drops onto the second disk and is atomized into a fine mist, which is driven into the wide surrounding curtain of dry product.

A large variety of liquids and slurries can be applied this way with the equipment’s variable inlet spout and remote adjustment.

Why does our equipment use spinning disks rather than spray nozzles? Spray nozzles tend to clog. When that happens, both maintenance and downtime are increased. However, spinning disks don’t clog, are easier to clean, and keep your processing plant up and running.

Our units can be easily integrated with other processing equipment to make a seamless processing solution for your plant.

How Can the Mistcoater SST Benefit the Sanitation Process?

Sanitation issues within a food, pet-food or animal feed processing plant can lead to regulatory action against a company. Although, when a company follows proper sanitation procedures and uses equipment that is comprised of food-grade components and cleaned regularly, those actions will go a long way to meeting the standards put forth by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

The SST in Mistcoater SST stands for Superior Sanitation Technology and the equipment lives up to its name. There are a number of ways in which the Mistcoater SST will benefit the sanitation process.

  1. It is built out of food-grade components and gaskets for safe food handling.

  2. It consists of all stainless steel contact surfaces, liquid disks, v-belt drive, and support legs which makes it easy to be fully sanitized.

  3. It is completely enclosed, keeping your process contained.

  4. It includes a swing out coating chamber, making it easier to clean inside and out.

  5. The disks won’t clog and are easy to sanitize.

All of these sanitary factors add up to a superior liquid coater that will process superior food products.

For more information about our Mistcoater SST liquid coating equipment, contact APEC today.