From Concept to Creation: APEC’s Custom Fabrication Process

CAD drawing similar to what is created during APEC’s custom fabrication process.

APEC is the leading manufacturer of automated processing equipment, but did you know we also provide custom fabrication solutions? When you’re looking for a manufacturing partner to build custom steel components, you can count on our team at APEC to get the job done right. If you’re new to the custom fabrication world, this blog post will guide you through the custom fabrication process.

About the custom fabrication process

1. It starts with reaching out.

Once you contact us, we’ll put you in touch with one of our two engineers, Keith Wilcox, president, or Dave Taylor, our fabrication sales engineer. These gentlemen have years of custom fabrication experience between them.

2. We’ll evaluate your project.

We’ll meet with you to learn more about your project. The following two components impact the final quote:

Material & quantity

How much material will you need? What kind of steel does your project require? The answers to each of these questions will impact the final estimate.


How long will it take our team to finish the custom fabrication project? How does that fit with your deadline to have the components fabricated?

3. Design & review process

Need help with designs? Our engineers can help you envision exactly what you need. We’ll review the final design to make sure we’ve met every expectation. Of course, coming to us with your own CAD designs will streamline the process so you can move on to the next step.

4. Stand back while we get to work!

We work hard to complete projects on time. You can expect to have your custom-fabricated project finished in 2-4 weeks.

Why choose APEC as your custom fabrication partner?

When you’re choosing a custom fabrication partner, you’ve got options. Keep reading to find out why so many trust APEC to get the job done right.

Specialized equipment

We have access to hard-to-find equipment that allows us to do some truly custom fabrication work for our business partners.

Custom solutions

Whether your fabrication project requires welding, machining, forming, cutting or powder coating, when you choose APEC, we’re your one-stop solution.

Complete satisfaction

At APEC, we’re committed to safety, quality and customer satisfaction. Read this case study to see how we stepped in to fabricate brackets for a large egg producer in western Michigan.

Download the Metal Fabrication Subcontracting Decision Guide

Download this guide to decide whether our custom fabrication services are right for you or contact the team at APEC to start the process.