Your Comparison Guide to Liquid Coating Solutions: Nozzle, Drum & Mist Coaters

The Mistcoater, APEC’s liquid coating solution

Liquid coating solutions play a crucial role in the processing industry. In this comprehensive guide, we will compare three popular types of liquid coating solutions: nozzle coaters, drum coaters and mist coaters. Read this blog to discover the benefits, drawbacks and specific features of each type, helping you make an informed decision for your coating needs. 

Nozzle Coaters

Nozzle coaters are the traditional staple for liquid coating technology. The machines are easily accessible and often cost effective, compared to other liquid coating solutions.  

The biggest drawback with nozzle coaters is their tendency to clog easily, which can lead to downtime. Additionally, a spray nozzle can require extra cleaning as the liquid coating isn’t contained in one space, which inherently presents safety issues.  

Drum Coaters

A drum coater is another traditional liquid coating technology, often chosen for its ability to contain liquid ingredients. However, cleaning drum coaters between runs can pose a safety issue.  

For companies wishing to coat delicate products, drum coaters are not the best option, as the product is turned in the drum and often gets crushed. 

Mist Coaters

APEC’s Mistcoater is an innovative liquid coating technology that works by dispensing liquid through spinning discs to ensure that the liquid coating is evenly distributed for a high-quality finish. 

While mist coaters tend to be more costly, they have several advantages. The first is that mist coaters are efficient. The processing line can run continuously, without the need to unclog nozzles. Read this case study about how we helped a customer keep their processing line running with the Mistcoater.   

Since mist coaters are fully contained, they keep the workplace safe and free of overspray or splashing of liquid coating. This also reduces the amount of liquid coating that is wasted.  

Customized Liquid Coating Solutions

At APEC, we offer high quality Mistcoaters in two standard models that can also be customized according to your needs. Contact an APEC representative to learn more about our liquid coating solutions or request a quote today.